Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

Visit the legendary salt mines of Wieliczka near Krakow and admire the beautiful salt sculpture with "white gold".

Tour Overview

Enter the salt city! This underground labyrinth stretch over 9 levels at 64 to 327 meters below the surface of the Earth. A labyrinth of nearly 2,400 chambers is connected with sidewalks with a total length of 245 km. It is an invaluable monument of material culture, inscribed in 1978 on the UNESCO Heritage List. Visit one of the largest open-air museums underground mining, where "white gold" was extracted.


Tour Details

Private Tour to Wieliczka Salt Mine

Salt Mine Krakow is one of the most popular and amazing place to see in Poland. Tour trail has been opened for visitors at the beggining of 19th century. Few years later Salt Mine Wieliczka was designated as one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites (1978). What you can expect are numerous drifts, galleries, chambers where traces of mining activity has been preserved. Its huge network of underground pits and tunnels. You will see remarkable shrine as the Chapel of St Kinga - a church where completly everything is made of salt. Explore beautifull salt lake in Eram Baracz Chamber. Wieliczka stays as the largest mining heritage museum in the world collecting unique piecies of mining equipement reflecting the development of mining from the Middle Ages until present. Salt Mines in Krakow are also known for its microclimate which has a benificial impact on people who suffer asthma and allergies. Tour is starting with a stairs travel up to 327 meters underground. Whole tour finishes at a depth of 135 meters. Visitors are taken above the ground by a lift.

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