Wolf's Liar Day Tour

Set your foot in the Wolf's Lair (Wolfsschanze) - the best guarded and reinforced headquarter of Adolf Hitler hidden in the ancient woods of Masuria. Discover the mysteries of one of the most decisive places for the history of the 20th century, explore the remnants of this extensive military facility where the leader of the Third Reich would give his commands from throughout the most of WWII.

Tour Overview

Visit the site of the most infamous headquarters of Adolf Hitler located in former East Prussia, sightsee the bunkers with impressively thick reinforced walls that used to protect the highest Nazi officials. Take a guide to discover more secrets of the gloomy past of Wolfsschanze, full of conspiracy and deceit.

The sole story of an unsuccessful attempt on the life of Adolf Hitler depicted in "Valkyrie", starring Tom Cruise as colonel von Stauffenberg, has drawn the attention of many of those previously unaware of the historic importance of the Wolf's Lair to the place where the military commander of the Third Reich would spend more than 800 days between 1941 and 1944.

The setting of this reinforced military area composed of about 200 bunkers, barracks and the remnants of facilities formerly serving entertainment purposes (as casinos or cinemas) would provide the führer and his most loyal officials (like Göring) with a sense of security they needed so much while conceiving the Operation Barbarossa plan - it is easy to understand why while observing the swamp- and tree-covered area the extensive headquarters had been erected within. Nowadays, as located in north-eastern Poland, close to the quiet gothic town of Ketrzyn and the local attraction of Swieta Lipka, the Wolf's Lair is open to thousands of visitors who - being history enthusiasts or not - may freely explore the maze of this concrete military complex, formerly camouflaged and heavily guarded inside fenced zones against unwanted guests. The instructive information provided by the guides of Wolf's Lair will enrich your knowledge of what decisions were taken inside the main Hitler's Bunker, what events led to the decision of blowing up the place and what conspiracy would be schemed in the now-empty corridors of Wolfsschanze to bring Hitler's madness to an end.

If you are curious about the secrets of Hitler's Bunker, do not hesitate to contact us - we will surely assist you in reaching the history-steeped Wolfsschanze from any place of your stay.

Tour Details

  • The area of Wolf's Lair is best-accessible from Ketrzyn, Masuria.
  • Warsaw is included as one of the most popular collection spots to reach the place, while it is possible to organize a 1-day trip to the site regardless of the place of your stay if we are informed of it in advance 
  • The Wolf's Lair has plenty of dark corridors and shadowed interiors - you will have to use a flashlight on many occasions while visiting.
  • It is advisable to dress appropriately to explore the swampy area of the Wolf's Lair.

Please note, that this programme is only a sample one and you can change it whatever you want. Just contact us!

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