Boleslawiec Pottery

Find yourself surrounded by the mesmerising hand-made patterns adorning the pottery manufactured in Boleslawiec. 500 years of experience in firing and designing stoneware ceramics presented as you explore the tricks-of-manufacture devised in this medieval town (both under the Prussian and Polish reigns) will let you try your hand at creating your own piece of stoneware at the Living Museum of Pottery.

Tour Overview

Rustic flowery patterns or the world-famous motif of peacock's eye are the trademarks of potteries of Boleslawiec. Visit the Polish town dubbed into "the Ceramics City" to find out where the global popularity of stoneware of Boleslawiec has its origins. Stimulate your imagination at the Living Museum of Pottery at Manufatktura. Rest at the castles of Kliczkow or Grodziec after the unique adventure experienced in the world of ceramics.

The Boleslawiec town of Lower Silesia is where hundreds of thousands of stoneware sets are hand-manufactured yearly to find their owners in all corners of the world. An inspiring trip to this charming town at the Polish-German Border, where the earliest evidence of pottery found reaches the 7th century, requires a participation in a whole-day tour from Krakow, full of visual stimuli you will not forget.

Throughout the trip, you will be invited to the city's Museum of Ceramics and the Living Museum of Pottery at "Manufaktura" factory, with the guided tour encompassing the history of the plant and the process of manufacture of its stoneware vessels in a complex and informative way. Witnessing the casting of each form, watching each vessel individually fired or skilfully decorated, make the pupils of each visitor dilated at the visual pleasure the view provides. Still, it is only the first step to the most engaging part of the visit – the workshops. One- or two-hour lasting sessions will let you cover the pieces of Boleslawiec-made pottery with decorative patterns under professional guidance.

Extended training courses (of one- or three-day duration) will teach you how to form a vessel from clay with your own-adorned work sent as a gift after it has been fired, while child visitors will enjoy the "Young Potter" activities. If you are lucky enough to visit Boleslawiec during the last week of August, you may also attend the Boleslawiec Festival of Ceramics, where the outstanding potteries of the region put their stoneware on display to win the prestigious title of the representative of the local industry.

Boleslawiec provides the best opportunity to purchase ceramic gifts as original souvenirs from your stay in Poland, with the shop adjoined to Manufaktura, Andy's or Henry's Polish Pottery Shops, offering the widest range of stoneware. After you visit the museum and start exploring the pottery venues of the town, you will also be able to sightsee Boleslawiec itself – a beautiful fortified town with well-preserved Gothic and Renaissance architecture around its main square or a number of traditional Polish restaurants operating there. On the way back to Krakow, the optional visits to the castle of Kliczkow or Grodziec will add a more historical dimension to the tour.

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Tour Details

  • Please, inform us of your collection spot prior to the trip to Boleslawiec. It is possible to arrange the tour regardless of your place of stay in Poland if we are informed of such plans in advance.
  • During the workshops, your outfit may becomes stained, despite the protective measures provided by the museum. Make sure to wear the clothes that are easy to clean.
  • It is possible to pay by debit cards in a set of pottery shops, while  transactions involving certain less-popular cards (e.g. American-specific) may not be accepted by Polish terminals. It is advisable to pay in cash (dollars and euros are typically accepted).

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