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Placed 12th on the list of world's most beautiful national parks by CNN in 2014, Tatrzanski National Park continuously attracts millions of tourists a year with its picturesque Alpine-like features and the diversity of endemic species. This environmentally most precious part of Poland encompasses such wonders of nature as Rysy mountain (2,499 m asl, the highest peak of Poland), Lake Morskie Oko, Kasprowy Wierch peak, Lake Czarny Staw (Black Lake), Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza waterfalls or a set of camera-friendly valleys.

Tour Overview

Exploring Tatrzanski National Park begins in Zakopane town – the cradle of the vivid folklore of Polish highlanders (Goral people). With a competent guide by your side, you will cover a customised trail of the unarguably best part of landscape Poland has to provide: the 211 square kilometres of mountainous Tatrzanski National Park. Whatever you choose: hiking to the top of Rysy, Kasprowy Wierch (or going there by a cable car), sightseeing Lake Morskie Oko (Marine Eye) alone or one of seemingly countless activities you may undertake there (like horseback riding, sleigh-riding or ski touring), Tatrzanski National Park will always satisfy the needs for having your holiday actively spent in dreamlike surroundings.

The headquarter of Tatrzanski National Park operates in Zakopane – a spa resort hailed "the winter capital of Poland", widely recognised for its distinctive wooden architecture, the Bavarian-like attachment to folklore and tradition, the legends of romantic Robin Hood-like robbers as well as such distinctive cuisine as represented by EU-protected Oscypek smoked cheese. You only need to travel some 100 kilometres southwards from Krakow to find yourself surrounded by the third-highest mountains of Europe: the Tatras. There are over 300 of snow-covered Tatra summits given distinctive names present there, 650 caves or more than 275 kilometres of trails of varied difficulty and hundreds of ideas on how to explore the area. Ideally, you need to devote at least day to discover the must-see attractions of Tatrzanski National Park with the company of an expert guide, preferably – according to the personal preferences you have expressed prior to your visit there.

The Alpine-like character of Tatrzanski National Park opens countless possibilities to subdue the area to the purposes of individual visitors. After all, all of them will unanimously take delight at the same features of it: the chamois-occupied rugged granite ridges, densely wooded slopes, vast post-glacial valleys, scenic mountain lakes, bat-inhabited caves (like the 18-kilometre long Wielka Sniezna) or crystal-clear streams. This UNESCO-inscribed park (included on the list of World Biosphere Reserves) boasts with some of the best sport facilities (like FIS-approved slopes or ski jumps) and accommodation spots in Central Europe scattered around its immediate area. Just to mention the main attractions of Tatrzanski National Park, you will have a chance to sightsee Lake Morskie Oko there – the largest one in the Tatras, located just at the foot of Rysy summit. Regardless of if you decide to reach it on foot or by a horse-drawn carriage, you will rest your eyes upon one of the most frequently-immortalised wonders of nature on the grounds of Polish poetry. Slightly above  Morskie Oko (1,583 m asl), there will be Lake Czarny Staw (Black Lake) waiting for you to see, with its cold beauty mesmerising each visitor into staying longer than planned. The refreshing view of Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza (3 to 10 m) or Siklawa Wielka (65 m) waterfalls will let you enjoy the rainbow-spotting so frequently available to undertake over their jagged granite waterbeds.

The 9-kilometre-long Koscieliska Valley or 10-kilometre-long Chocholowska one will give you a chance to traverse the paths set among the crocuses, shepherds' huts (bacowkas) and wooden chapels, surrounded by the dwarf pine among which the high summits rise. Numerous natural gates of granite, rushing streams, Silver-fir covered hills, limestone arches or Alpine meadows will provide a scenery where such species as the Tatra chamois, marmot, brown bear, Eurasian lynx, gray wolf, European otter or lesser spotted eagle may be easily come across – at least from the safe distance, in the case of some. Those who wish to taste some of the higher-located attractions of the Tatras are free to climb Kasprowy Wierch (1,987 m asl) or reach the top of it onboard of its impressive cable car. With all of the things above only being a fraction of what awaits you in Tatrzanski National Park, every season will give you a chance to undertake a number of activities that are facilitated by its natural surroundings. Be it hiking, skiing, ski touring, sleigh riding, snowmobile riding, snowboarding or horseback riding, Tatrzanski National Park will never fail to provide you with the views you will find hard to forget.

Ready to conquer the highest, most scenic and diversified region of Poland? Contact us to be led through the gate of Tatrzanski National Park with no hesitation!

Tour Details

  • It is possible for you to visit Tatrzanski National Park (Tatra National Park) regardless of your place of stay in Poland. Simply - inform us of where you are, what the date of your intended visit is and we will do the rest!
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), admission fees to pre-arranged attractions (including tickets to Tatrzanski National Park), the expense of hiring professional instructors (in the case of undertaking specific sport activities), the presence of an English-speaking guide for individual tourists / small groups of visitors.

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