Royal Salt Mine in Wieliczka and Bochnia

Descend 327 metres underground and discover why the Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines have been placed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Take a 3-kilometre walk along the winding corridors and chapels to immerse in the kingdom of salt.

Tour Overview

Join over 1,2 million visitors to the salt mine per year and share the enchantment of Copernicus, Chopin or Goethe with the place - the mine that was continuously in operation between the 13th and 21st centuries. See how and where the white substance we all consume would be extracted only to discover what works of art salt may be transformed into.

The Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines are located in the immediate vicinity of Krakow, southern Poland. At least 3,5 hour is required to visit the marvellous place hailed the most famous tourist-oriented mine of the world, familiarising yourself with the fascinating past of the salt mining industry in Poland. There are several routes you may take, including the Tourist Route (covering the most outstanding chapels with salt-made chanderliers, statues and reliefs, as well as underground saline lakes and chambers), the Miner's Route (focused on the historic and industrial heritage of the mine, previously operated by the Zupy Krakowskie salt mine company) or the Pilgrim's Route (devoted to the sacral side of Wieliczka's interior).

The most demanding route will guide you through the corridors miners travel on a daily basis, letting you experience the harsh conditions related to the profession. The 700-year-old Wieliczka Salt Mine is full of beautifully lit chambers where miners would leave countless artifacts made of salt that may now be admired. The unimaginably stunning interior of Wieliczka, either witnessed from wooden scaffolds or the ground level, is filled with the air that is beneficial to human organism. The most impressive chamber of the mine, one of the 20 interiors covered by the Tourist Route, is said to be the Chapel of St. Kinga, illuminated by the chandelliers of salt crystals. The salt statues present there depict the scenes related to the legend of a Hungarian Princess named Kinga who wanted a salt mine as her dowry instead of a precious ring. To fulfil her will, she threw the ring into the pit which would later become the mineshaft of Wieliczka.

If you are willing to explore the underground world of Wieliczka, we are here to help - it suffices to contact us and indicate the route that suits your needs the best.

Tour Details

  • Krakow is the most convenient collection spot for the visitors to Wieliczka.
  • The price for trips includes the pick-up and drop-off.
  • Multiple trips enable you to cover the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the concentration camp in Auschwitz at one time.

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