Weekend in Gdańsk/Sopot/Gdynia

Take a stroll along the most beautiful parts of Gdansk Old Town, be enchanted by the architecture of the Haensatic League. Visit Dlugi Targ street, the Neptune Fountain and charming Mariacka Street. Rest in the shadow cast by the imposing St. Mary's Church - the largest brick structure of the medieval world.

Tour Overview

The cobbled streets of Gdansk Old Town may be traversed on foot or with a bike ride, always as accompanied by the instructive commentary of professional city guides. Visit the charming city of greatest historical importance to world's history, having witnessed the first shots of WWII and given birth to the people who overthrew communism.

Gdansk - the most historical part of the Tricity, located in northern Poland. Always filled with tourists, sticking to the cobbled streets of its spectacular Old Town, never empty in terms of street performers, gourmet restaurants and - last but not least - striking historical monuments. Devote at least a day to visit the most impressive attractions this medieval city at the Motlawa river has to offer, uncovering its Polish, Dutch and German architectural heritage before the eyes of its visitors. Targ Weglowy and Zlota Brama (the Golden Gate) open their way to Dlugi Targ street (the Long Market) - the most significant site of Gdansk, with a couple of hallmarks forming its frontage (such as the 15th-century Town Hall), housing collections of precious exhibits (the Dutch-styled Artus Court) or adorning the space with their elaborated design (the 17th-century Neptune's Fountain, the meeting point of Gdansk residents). Crossing Zielona Brama (the Green Gate), the masterpiece of Flemish mannerism where the National Museum of Gdansk is located, leads to the picturesque boulevard stretching at Motlava river. Standing under the famous wooden Zuraw structure ("the Crane" - erected in 1444) makes both a good observation point for the opposite Gdansk grainaries and a short visit paid to nearby Mariacka street, whose cosiness and charm make it arguably the most beautiful street in this corner of Poland.

The fortifications of Gdansk Old Town also house the 82-metres high Gothic St. Mary's Basilica, the greatest and heaviest building made of brick to be erected in the medieval world. The building of Polish Post Office, situated just a stone's throw from the cathedral, reminds that Gdansk would be the casus belli of WWII - the city of unquestionable beauty that more than one country wished to see within her borders. Interested in traversing the medieval heart of Gdansk?

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Tour Details

  • It is possible to visit Gdansk Old Town regardless of your place of stay in Poland - it is advisable to inform us prior to your intended visit to have your tour to Gdansk Old Town arranged.
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), admission fees to the venues you wish to visit, a guide for individual tourists / small groups of visitors.
  • Cruises down the Motlawa lead straight from the Old Town to Westerplatte (the Polish pre-WWII military outpost said to be among the first objects attacked at the beginning of the war). Tickets cover the return to the Old Town.

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