Auschwitz-Birkenau - Concentration camp day tour

Enter the "Arbeit macht frei" gate to visit the Auschwitz German Nazi concentration and extermination camp (1940-1945) in Oswiecim. Reflect upon the cold-blooded efficiency of this death factory protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

The Auschwitz German Nazi concentration camp is one of the most infamous places everyone has heard of - a sobering visit to the place where 1.1 million inmates of many backgrounds died of the nazi ideology, with its austere barracks preserved for future generations, helps realise the dimension of tragedy that occured there.

The town of Oswiecim, Lesser Poland, is located about 70 kilometres to the west from Krakow. In 1940, the former barracks of the Polish army (previously serving the Austrian military), situated in the vicinity of the town centre, were adapted to function as a concentration camp for Polish prisoners. Soon, the camp underwent an expansion to include the more terrifying part of it: the death camp of Auschwitz II-Birkenau, composed of wooden barracks and crematories, mostly aimed at serving "the final solution to the Jewish question".

The testimony to the scale of nazi genocide may be witnessed throughout a 4-hour lasting visit to the camp, covering the distance of 3,5 kilometres. The view of barbed wire surrounding the camp, the terrifying capacity and number of gas chambers and crematories scattered between the barracks, as well as the austere interiors of dr. Mengele's office may only be the prelude to the worst experience the Auschwitz concentration camp provides - the collection of belongings brutally collected from the newly transported inmates near the main railway ramp. The piles of hair meant to be utilised in the Third Reich as a fabric, dolls deprived of their owners, glasses and pictures of prisoners tend to stay in the minds of visitors for a long time. Some of the guides around Auschwitz museum are the former inmates themselves - hearing the stories of nazi terror they tell may possibly be the most moving experience of the whole visit.

If you consider a visit paid to UNESCO-listed Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, contact us with no hesitation.

Tour Overview

Tour Details

  • Duration 7,5 h ( from Cracow: 3 h on a bus, 3,5 h of sightseeing) 
  • Valid ID or Passport is obligatory 
  • The museum is recommended to visitors over the age of 14
  • Due to the assumed length of your visit, do not forget to take water with you - especially during summertime

Price includes: 
  • Transport round trip 
  • Official guide in both museums ( Auschwitz and Birkenau) 
  • Ticekts 

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