Auschwitz-Birkenau - Tragic Jewish Herritage

Take a silent stroll around the gloomy barracks of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. See the place that marked a tragic end of the thriving pre-war community of Polish Jews behind the "Arbeit macht frei" gate.

Tour Overview

Among the museums related to the Jewish part of Polish history, the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp is the saddest and most authentic one in terms of the nature of its exhibition. Follow the experienced guide, visit the most gruesome facilities the nazis used to exterminate Polish Jews and discover how much the fabric of Polish society has changed after WWII.

Back in 1939, the Jewish community in Poland would constitute about 10% of the country's population. In 1945 - the number appeared to have been decimated to less than 0,5%. The Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau concentration camps used to be parts of the network of labour and death camps established by the nazis in the areas where the Jewish presence was considerable - these two facilities were largely responsible for the extermination of the Jewish citizens of Poland. Located in the city of Oswiecim, nearly 70 kilometres west of Krakow, the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp demonstrates the cruel legacy of nazi ideology that took the lives of 1,2 million of its inmates, 90% of whom were of Jewish ancestry.

The dark world behind the barbed-wired fence of Auschwitz, where the extermination was methodically executed inside gas chambers and concealed inside the constantly operating crematoria, still makes the same horrific impression on modern visitors, being maintained close to its original shape. Despite the important lesson a 3,5-hour-lasting visit to Auschwitz may teach, it is advisable to balance the experience with the background knowledge on the previously lively community of Polish Jews. Sightseeing the Jewish district of Kazimierz in Krakow or paying a visit to the Warsaw-based, ultra-modern and informative POLIN museum of Polish Jews is more than recommended.

If you are interested in experiencing the terrifying truth of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, contact us for detailed assistance.

Tour Details

  • There is no admission fee to the museum at the former concentration camp of Auschwitz unless the professional guides are needed.
  • The museum is recommended to visitors over the age of 14.
  • Due to the assumed length of your visit, do not forget to take water with you - especially during summertime.
  • Please, dress appropriately while visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. A number of survivors may be present on the site.

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