Białowieza Primeveal Forest

Explore Europe's last primeval forest – Bialowieza Primeval Forest. Immense yourself in the deep greenery of this extensive ancient woodland in north-eastern Poland to see what the Old Continent would look like prior to its intense industrialisation. Meet the king of this well-appreciated UNESCO Natural Heritage Site: the massive European Bison, freely roaming the space. Experience nature at its best, with its dense forests, bogs, winding rivers, unique and biodiversified wildlife.

Tour Overview

Once – the beloved hunting place of Polish-Lithuanian monarchs and aristocrats. Then – one of the earliest-recognised portions of land in Europe that became officially protected. Finally, in 1979, a wonder of nature placed on the list of World Natural Heritage Sites. Nowadays, Bialowieza Primeval Forest attracts countless bird observers, bikers, kayakers, nature lovers and those who are curious of what the ancient environment of Europe looked like. Meeting the largest European mammal (the European Bison) eye to eye is one reason to visit this one-of-its-kind place Bialowieza Primeval Forest is.

Visiting Bialowieza Primeval Forest requires heading towards the Polish-Belarusian border (about 230 kilometers away from Warsaw), but it is well worth the effort – the area is known to be one of the most charming corners of Poland, with plenty of intact wonders of nature and picturesque countryside stretching all over it. Divided into the territories of both said countries, Bialowieza Primeval Forest covers 1,500 sq. kilometers on the Polish side, being an impressively extensive site under environmental protection to explore.

UNESCO never fails to distinguish the sites that need special protection not to disappear from the surface of Earth. Bialowieza Primeval Forest has been appreciated for its well-preserved autochthonous tree stands (with 96% of the area covered by such trees as oak, spruce or lime, as well as dense coniferous forests) and the steps taken there to save the European Bison from extinction. The old-growth forest, naturally dead wood decomposing itself in the depth of the woodland, 250 bird and 59 mammal species (including the rare lynx or wolf populations), just as the fact that the area represents great natural integrity, were the main criteria for including Bialowieza Primeval Forest on the list. From the historical standpoint, the forest witnessed some of the most famous (Polish kings and their foreign guests) and infamous (like the Nazi officials, throughout the occupation of Poland) individuals coming there for hunting purposes.

The visitors to Bialowieza Primeval Forest may be surprised by the wide range of activities awaiting them there, regardless of the season (and winters tend to be beautiful there). The administrators of the national park provide them with a lot of professional assistance concerning birdwatching, wildlife tracking or forestry. Outside of the typical opening hours (9 am. To 5 pm. in the high season), there are plenty of individually-tailored options to spend your time inside Bialowieza Primeval Forest offered – you may focus on watching the population of European Bison (about 900 specimens living in this habitat) or early-morning birdwatching (with binoculars and telescopes provided), just to see the local pygmy owls, eagles or storks. Among the ancient pedunculate oaks, there is also the possibility to have a cycling trip arranged, as well as to hire some equipment to take part in canoeing along the Narewka or Nordic Walking.

Truly a magnificent place Bialowieza Primeval Forest is enables people from all walks of life to spend unforgettable time there, among the pristine woodland where modern outsiders need professional assistance not to get lost while admiring the age-old flora and fauna tightly surrounding them.

Interested in a visit to Bialowieza Primeval Forest, the pride of Europe? Contact us to get more details on the possibility to make this wish true.

Tour Details

  • Despite the fact that you may hire a lot of equipment in Bialowieza Primeval Forest, do not forget to dress properly as you visit. High boots, additional waterproof outfit or bottles with water are advisable to be taken.
  • Do not forget to inform us of your wish to visit Bialowieza Primeval Forest within reasonable timeframe preceding your intended visit so that we may arrange it the best we can! We will provide you with hotel pick-up and drop-off transport options if you inform us of where you are.
  • Bialowieza Primeval Forest is suitable for a visit for people of all ages, with the range and specifity of activities to be done there highly customisable.
  • The price includes: transport to Bialowieza Primeval Forest, admission fee to the National Park and a standard guided tour for individuals / small groups of visitors. Any additional activities or thematic trips are to be priced separately.

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