Biebrzański National Park

The largest of all Poland’s national parks, the Biebrzański National Park protects Europe’s major natural expanse of moorland peat bogs which are extend across the Biebrza River valley. The peat bogs occupy an area of 59,223 hectares. 

The greatest attraction of the park is the splendid, open, high moor topography and the uncommonly rich wildlife and plant cover. 


Tour Overview

The Biebrza River marshes are known worldwide as the nesting site of many rare species of European aquatic birds and birds of prey (approx. 235 species, including 157 nesting birds). 
In spring, when the Biebrza overflows its several square kilometer flood plain, thousands of migratory birds gather here and can be watched from viewing platforms. 

The Biebrza River Valley is also Poland’s largest wildlife refuge for elk, wolf, beaver, and otter. The Biebrzański National Park attracts many enthusiasts of a bloodless form of hunting, most of them armed with cameras and microphones. 

The park is under the protection of the RAMSAR International Convention.

Tour Details

There are 486 km marked trails within the Biebrza National Park boundaries.
Water trails along the rivers: Biebrza, Sidra, Jegrznia, Brzozówka, Wissa and the Woznawiejski Canal, the Rudzki Canal, the Augustowski Canal - total length 223.2 km
8 bicycle trails - total length 60.1 km
14 hiking trails - total length 164.1 km
10 educational trails - total length 25.2 km

For your convenience there are watchtowers, observation platforms and interpretation boards placed along the trails. The Field Educational Centre with paths, watchtowers, interpretation boards and boardwalk is located close to the Osowiec-Twierdza Train Station. Trails at the area of Barwik and Grzedy forest lodge are the most interesting.

The campsites of the Biebrza National Park are situated in Osowiec-Twierdza and "Bialy Grad" at the Biebrza River as well as at Barwik and Grzedy in the woodlands. The campsite with showers and toilets are available in Osowiec-Twierdza, Dolistowo, Jasionowo.

20 kayaks, 5 canoes, 2 boats are available for rent at the Osowiec-Twierdza campsite. 6 double and triple rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen are available in Grzedy forest lodge.

Birdwatchers and ornithologists from Europe regularly visit the area. It is possible to arrange trips with English or German speaking guides.

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