Christmas Chamber Music Concert

What would the experience of Christmas be without music? Christmas Chamber Music Concerts held in wintry Krakow give us an excellent reply to this question: they would be deprived of extraordinary aural sensations provided by a quartet of outstanding musicians named "Royal Chamber Orchestra". Held between mid-November and the second Sunday of January, the seasonal event enchants its attendees with the internationally-recognised repertoire of Christmas standards each year. Performed at the elegant  15th-century Concert Hall in the heart of Krakow, the chamber concert is an unusual idea to provide your early evening spent in this high-cultured city with a note of magic.

Tour Overview

Escape the gift-hunting crowds for a while. Let yourself be taken to the world of music that expresses the special air of Christmas in a way like no other!  With a glass of exquisite wine in your hand, you will be seated in front of a group of skilled and well-toured musicians to make the 90 minutes to follow filled with the essence of Christmas-themed sounds: pure pleasure  to the ears of every fragile individual. Take part in a unique seasonal event that gained the acclaim and won the hearts of those visitors who decided to spend their Christmas time in snow-covered Krakow. Time-shortage is not any excuse here – the Concert Hall it is just around the corner of the city's most recognisable hallmarks!
Krakow is a city whose "Christmas potential" might be measured with the number of its churches – and there are 138 of them located within its borders. If we add the aroma-emanating Christmas Market of Krakow that adorns the Main Market Square with its illuminated stalls every winter, not forgetting of the world-famous Christmas Crib Contest held there annually, the potential seems to be even greater. But what if we stop focusing on the visual attractions of Krakow and adopt a more holistic approach to its culture and the cultural life led there? A few years ago, there appeared an idea that evolved into a special music event, now – seemingly rooted in the Christmas traditions of Krakow. The Concert Hall in Slawkowska street has become a venue where the gifted members of Royal Chamber Orchestra remind us all of the beauty and variety of Christmas melodies between the mid-November and the beginning of January. With the Christmas Music Concerts held there on a daily basis throughout this special season, the quarter of musicians begin their excellent performance regularly at 5 pm. Each guest to this noteworthy event is treated with a glass of gourmet wine to have their senses more susceptible to the influence of music for a starter (non-drinkers may also be served mineral water for a change). Afterwards, there is only the one-and-a-half-an-hour string of notes freed into the air and left for you to take delight of.
The 90-minute performance encompasses a wide range of pieces representing Christmas music, carefully selected to satisfy the taste of the audience. There will be the famous "Nutcracker" by Tchaikovsky performed as one of the most renowned masterpieces we associate with Christmas – complemented by a bunch of carols (like the classic "Silent Night" that cannot be missed), such uplifting  songs as "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" or unquestionably popular radio hits like "Let it Snow"  or "Jingle Bell Rock", the repertoire will leave you wholly immersed in the unforgettable atmosphere of Christmas. With the concert planned to be finished at 6:30 pm, you will be let spending the rest of your evening with your mood considerably improved thanks to the superb performance given by the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Krakow.
Ready to attend the best Christmas Music event held in Krakow? Contact us to have your presence among the satisfied audience secured!

Tour Details

  • Ready to attend the best Christmas Music event  held in Krakow? Contact us to have your presence among the satisfied audience secured!
  • It is possible for you to take part in the Christmas Music Concert of Krakow regardless of your place of stay in Poland – simply, inform us of where you are and what the intended date of your visit is: we will do the rest!
  • The price includes: English-speaking service during the event, a glass of wine/water, tickets (vouchers).
  • Printed vouchers are handed to the audience prior to the concert. They need to be shown at the entrance.
  • Christmas Music Concerts are held between 19.11.2016 and 09.01.2017, Monday to Friday, between 5 pm and 6:30 pm. Guests are expected to appear in the concert hall 10 minutes before the performance begins.

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