Close to the nature

Tour Overview

Close to the nature

Day 1.

13:00 - Arriving to Krakow, our English-speaking driver will pick you up from the airport and drive you to your hotel by one of our luxuries car.

14:00 - Kraków Food Tour - during this walking tour with your private guide you will learn about the tastes of Poland. You will try ‚obważanek’ kind of Polish beagel, ‚pierogi’ - Polish dumplings, ‚Nalewka’ - traditional Polish alkohol and many, many other specials.

18:00 - we invite you for a Chamber Music Concert in one of the oldest Churches in Krakow - St. Adalbert’s

19:30 - dinner, and comming back to your hotel


Day 2.

9:00 - after the breakfast you will be picked up from your hotel by your private driver - guide and you will start your Eagles’ Neast day tour. First stop will be Ojcow National Park, where you will rest from the noises of the city and discover the beauty of the Ojcow Castle.

11:00 - Next stop will be Pieskowa Skala Castle, which is said to be one of the most beautiful examples of the renessaince in Poland. After some time you will head back to Ogrodzieniec Castle.

12:30 - you will arrive to the castle which, according to the legend is haunted  by the Black Dog Ghost. They say, that the spectre looks like a dog, much bigger than an ordinary one. Its eyes are burning like a fire and it is pulling the chains. As the story tells, this is a ghost of the former owner of that place that was cursed for his bad deeds. After the sightseeing you will have some free time to have a lunch.

17:00 - back in your hotel. At the evening we invite you for a ‚Dorożka’ Horse Carriage ride around Krakow Old Town. After the ride you will have a dinner.


Day 3.

9:00 - after the breakfast you will be picked up from your hotel by your private driver and you will head Pieniny National Park

11:30 - you will stop near Palenica Mountain (722 m) and take a funicular up to the top. With your private guide you will start hiking on the Małe Pieniny with some not really long, but very picturesque ways up. When you get to the Pieniny Mountain highest top - Wysokie Skalki, you will start your way back to Szlachtowa Town. We are offering you very interesting and quite wild paths so you colud enjoy the nature in peace and quitet. During the tour you will get your lunchboxes.

16:30 - a little bit of free time in Szlachtowa and than short drive to Niedzica Castle. You will visit the place with your own, private guide.

19:00 - the dinner and overnight stay in Jaworki



Day 4.

9:00 - after the breakfast you will be driven to the stud in Jaworki, from where you will start your horseback ride on this amazing areas. The ride is suitable also for the people who never tried this kind of activity. Your ride will take around 4 hours.

14:30 - the lunch at Jaworki and giong back to Krakow

17:00 - in Krakow you will have your dinner and overnight stay


Day 5.

9:00 - after the breakfast you will be picked up from your hotel by your private guide. The guide will lead you to the place where the bikes will wait for you. You will start your tour to Tyniec Abbey.

15:00 - back to Krakow and lunch.


At the scheduled time the private driver will pick you up and drive you to the airport.

Tour Details

Krakow-Czestochowa Upland and Pieniny Mountais are one of the most beautiful places in Poland. This areas are not full of tourist, what gives you possibility to enjoy the pure nature. Whole your stay was planned to give you the oportunity to stay as long around the nature as possible. Our tour starts in Krakow, where you will try the tastes of the Lesser Poland region. Next day you will spend on the trail of the Eagles’ Neast - Polish Castles and will visit Ojcow National Park. During the visit in castles you will lern about their history and (sometimes creepy) legends. After giong back to Krakow we will invite you to enjoy ‚Dorożka’ Horse Carriage ride. Next two days you will spend in Pieninski National Park where you are going on hiking, horseback riding - even for a people who will try this activity for the first time. On your last day in Lesser Poland you will have bike guided tour to Tyniec Abbey.


Please bear in mind, that all the hours are estimated and might change depending on the traffics, the guides at the visited places and even - by your choise. You are on your holidays and we want you to spend the best time - if you would like to rush on some point or to stop and enjoy the view - we are here for you.

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