Cmielow "Living Museum"

Learn how pottery is made in the skilful hands of Cmielow manufacturers, take part in a workshop of porcelain manufacture and create a tiny work of art on your own. Satisfy your eyes with the aesthetics of traditionally-made porcelain figurines of worldwide fame.

Tour Overview

Take a trip to the town of Cmielow, visit the internationally admired manufacture of porcelain and traditional pottery. Discover the process of porcelain manufacture in the company of an experience guide, let yourself be surprised inside a kiln only to try your hand at creating a work of art on your own.

You need to devote 1 to 3 hours to take a tour of the Living Museum in Cmielow, depending on the visitor's packet selected. Visitors may decide to purchase the silver packet (it encompasses 4 attractions: a visit to the museum, an exhibition of old porcelain, temporary exhibitions held at van Rij gallery and at the gallery of porcelain-based paintings), as well as the silver plus (including the degustation of regional "Malpi likier" liqueur) or golden packets (additionally comprised of the participation in a workshop activity and a complimentary hand-made gift made of porcelain). Guests may also decide to pay for separate attractions within lower admission fees.

Throughout this fascinating visit to the Cmielow museum of porcelain manufacture, you will not only observe the modelling of porcelain inside specific forms, but also witness the process of firing this precious ceramic material in huge traditional kilns, one of which you may enter to familiarise yourself with a multimedia material uncovering even more tricks-of-the-manufacture. The craftsmen will show you how to incrust elaborate adornments on the surface of ready-made figurines and pieces of porcelain crockery sets – this is what you may practice yourself while participating in the workshop activities. Complementary tours encompassing the galleries of porcelain art will convince everyone of that human imagination not only makes wonders to this fragile material, but also does it in limitless ways.

In order to visit this fascinating world of porcelain art design, shapes and colours, sip your coffee from a hand-made cup at the nearby cafe, you need to visit the Holy Cross (swietokrzyskie) province of Poland, roughly located between the cities of Warsaw and Krakow. Cmielow is also located in a convenient tourist spot, within 30 kilometres of distance to Sandomierz, exceptionally known for its well-preserved medieval and Renaissance architecture.

If you are interested in visiting the Living Museum in Cmielow, contact us – we will tailor the trip to your specific preferences.

Tour Details

  • The museum is open Monday to Sunday.
  • Guests may be collected from any part of Poland to take the tour upon expressing such willingness. Krakow and Kielce are the most convenient collection spots.
  • The price includes a visit to the Living Museum of Porcelain in Cmielow (with regard to the package selected), transport (hotel collection and drop-off) and a guided tour for individuals / small groups of visitors.

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