Cracow for Kids

Krakow is a place where kids are free to collect their memorable experiences too – and often the formative ones! The attractions your child will unquestionably enjoy range from the fun- to science-oriented ones and they are not limited to the area of the Old Town, where Krakow street performers have their undeniable share in fun-providing. Take your kid to the Dragon's Cave, Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiences, the Jordan Garden, kid-friendly Groteska theatre, Wieliczka Salt Mine or the Museum of Polish Aviation, among others, to expose them to the entertaining face of this seemingly noble city.

Tour Overview

Throughout the tour to the best Krakow attractions for kids, you will be taken to the educational park named Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiences that uncovers the secrets of physics to its kid visitors in a way their parents also enjoy. Your customised trip may include the cave whose dragon inhabitant belches with fire at the sight of brave child observers, a large playground area within Krakow Jordan Garden or a visit to the underground realm of Wieliczka Salt Mine. If your kid is into technology, we will show them around one of the largest aviation museums of the world that happens to located in Krakow. Kids of artistic leanings will be exposed to the performances held at Groteska theatre, while ultimately every child visitor should enjoy a trip to the Polish counterpart of Disneyland: Energylandia.

Those who wish to provide their children with entertainment while in magical Krakow, may stick to the Old Town where Cracow Underground Museum operates, while more attractions for kids await them just around the corner – only to mention the Cave of Wawel Dragon by the riverbank of Vistula, with the dedicated statue of one specimen breathing out fire to kids' guaranteed amusement. A trip to Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiences is just another attraction to consider, as composed of a wide range of open-air installations where the legitimacy of particular laws of physics may be checked by everyone. Telescopes, interactive models and workshops where scientific experiments are carried out in the atmosphere of a play are something to appeal to the childish imagination for sure. Similar attractions, yet suitable for younger children, are to be expected in the Jordan Park, situated near the Blonia Park of Krakow. Its fountains, slides, merry-go-rounds and climbing installations are particularly recommended for a summer visit, when there are also ice-cream and candy-floss stands operating within the premises. Krakow-based Groteska theatre is a special place where the plays and performances targeted at child audience are regularly held. This city-centre venue is also responsible for organising the annual Grand Parade of Dragons, with the festival additionally involving a great firework show displayed over the Vistula river. In order to instill technological interests in your child, it may be advisable to visit the Polish Aviation Museum, where over 200 models of aircrafts are available for sightseeing. A more standard type of entertainment may be provided by the aqua parks, horse-riding facilities, chocolate cafes and cinemas of Krakow.

If you only have enough time to leave Krakow for a while, there are two spots to be taken into account while customising your kid-oriented itinerary. The internationally-renowned and UNESCO-listed Wieliczka Salt Mine, as located 16,5 kilometres southwards from Krakow, will introduce your child to the underground world full of winding corridors, beautifully adorned chambers and colourfully-lit monuments.  Apart from about 3,5 hours needed to take the tour to and around Wieliczka, you will need to devote a whole day to take a side trip to Zator – a town situated within a one-hour of a ride from the border of Krakow.  This is where the largest family amusement park of Poland operates, with a few packages related to particular attractions among its hundreds of carousels, roller coasters, theme facilities, performances and firework shows provided to child visitors to Energylandia. Winter will enable you to drop in to the adjoined Santa's Park ("Park świętego Mikołaja"), exposing your kid to countless illuminated installations, Christmas-related events and Santa Claus himself.

Interested in creating your customised tour to Krakow with the interests of your kid taken into account? Contact us for detailed assistance!

Tour Details

  • It is possible to explore the attractions for kids present in Krakow regardless of your place of stay in Poland. Simply, inform us of where you are, what particular places you woud like to take your child to and when the date of your intended stay is: we will do the rest!
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), admission fees to specific attractions, the company of an English-speaking guide.

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