Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Lagiewniki, Krakow

One of the spiritual centers of Poland – the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Lagiewniki – attracts millions of pilgrims with its mysticism and superb architectural design each year. Visit the shrine devoted to Saint Faustina Kowalska where a number of relics and the miraculous Divine Mercy painting strengthen the faith of believers and bring the peace of mind to the non-believers who happen to come across this marvellous place.

Tour Overview

Visit the place that was the destination of three papal pilgrimages and one of the central spots of the World Youth Day 2016 held in Krakow. Travel to Lagiewniki district of Krakow to see one of the most sacred places of Poland – a modern basilica located where St. Faustina Kowalska had her holy visions experienced. Admire the Divine Mercy image, visit the tomb of St. Faustina at a neo-Gothic monastery and the Pope John Paul II "Have no Fear!" Centre.

Lagiewniki is one of Krakow's districts and the place where the Catholic tradition of Poland has one of its most significant roots. Millions of visitors come to the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in this part of Southern Poland to experience their spiritual renewal at the boat-resembling building of the shrine, erected between 1999 and 2002. Its aim was  to commemorate the healing miracles taking place on the site, with regard to the altar exposed within the older part of the complex. Spending a few hours in Lagiewniki is an attractive option for those who happen to visit Krakow and may devote some time to collect more soul-soothing experiences.

The history of the Divine Mercy Sanctuary is full of deep mysticism. St. Faustina Kowalska, one of the members of the convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, gave her instructions concerning the creation of the Divine Mercy image upon witnessing the vision of Jesus in 1931. The painting is now present at the altar of the basilica, depicting Jesus Christ in the shape St. Faustina reported to have witnessed, with the famous "Jesus, I trust in you" inscription. The bright and impressive shrine, except for the large sanctuary housing the miraculous altar, also invites its visitors to the chapel of St. Faustina, where requests for divine help are made through her grace.

The relics of the Saint's body are entombed in a coffin of marble at the adjacent St. Joseph chapel – part of the historic complex of the convent's monastery. The tower of the Divine Mercy Sanctuary is where an excellent panorama of Krakow stretches from. You may spot the Pope John Paul II "Have no Fear!" Centre from the top of it, being particularly recommended for a visit to Catholic guests of the Sanctuary.
Interested in enriching your stay in Krakow of mystical experiences? Contact us to have a visit to Divine Mercy Sanctuary organised!

Tour Details

  • The Divine Mercy Sanctuary is a site of religious worship. It is recommended to dress properly while visiting.
  • It is possible to reach Lagiewniki by means of public transport. It is advisable to use KrakowCard for extended options regarding unlimited transport and free entry to Krakow museums.
  • It is possible to organise a trip to the Divince Mercy Sanctuary from any place in Poland, with a pick-up from the hotel included. Please, inform us of the place of your stay and the planned date of visi to use this option.

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