Visit the best Escape Rooms in the city!

Escape reality! Find yourself trapped in a locked room with a group of friends. Explore the space taken out of a madman's dream to discover the way to escape before 60 minutes pass - the hints hidden around are only to be uncovered by good observers. Cooperate, use your mental powers and manual capabilities before you run out of time.

Tour Overview

The aura of Krakow is so mysterious that its creatively designed escape rooms perfectly suit the atmosphere of nearby ancient cellars and dungeons. The variety of exit rooms scattered around the Old Town cannot be missed if you want to experience the thrill of a computer game in real life and find out more about the capabilities of your closest friends.

The escape rooms of Krakow are typically located within the Old Town area of this outstanding royal city situated in southern Poland. The variety of interior design they offer will satisfy the most demanding and experienced visitors - be it mazes, looney houses, prison cells, butcher's facilities, the familiar surroundings known from cult horror movies, medieval dungeons, spacecrafts or secret HQs of espionage agencies, while the objective they serve remains the same: you need to put your thinking cap on to unlock the door within 60 minutes. The hints are sequenced and may be hidden in more than one room, while the time you have got to escape may be proportionally longer - this is why the right choice of a facility of this kind always depends on your level of experience.

Feeling the rush of adrenaline in the company of your friends is a perfect way to integrate or spend your stag night in a fun and creative way. Nothing brings people closer than a common goal that needs to be attained under time pressure. Groups of 2 to 6 people may devote their time to solving logical puzzles together, searching for concealed keys, encrypting codes or analysing the purpose of artifacts placed inside the interior. What else do you need to diversify your leisure time than the feeling of shivers down your spine inside the deftly organised surroundings of the best exit rooms of Krakow?

If you like the challenge provided by one of the greatest games developed in the 21st century, feel free to contact us - we will guide you through the highly diversified selection of Krakow-based escape rooms you simply cannot miss!

Tour Details

  • The price includes a game of determined length at an escape room selected.
  • Please, read the terms provided by the operator of each escape room you wish to visit and follow them - e.g., if you are pregnant or have problems with your heart, do not visit the escape room if it is advised against with your condition taken into account.

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