Fishing in Poland

Poland is a real paradise for anglers, with its impressive network of unspoilt rivers and lakes flowing across the woods, peaks and plains of the country. Spending you holiday under the sun in the varied Polish countryside, whose waters abound in trout, salmon, eels, catfish, carp, pikeperch, pike or shad, is an unforgettable experience. Let us provide you with an English-speaking driver, carefully selected accommodation and facilities to make you stay focused on breaking the fishing record of your life.

Tour Overview

A one-day angling excursion or a couple of days spent with an angle in your hand make for ideal holiday if the rest of conditions are facilitating. Choose your time span, level of expertise and let us provide you with the best angling- and beauty-wise selected locations in Poland. Visit the fish-teeming banks of the Dunajec, Odra, San, Narew or Bug rivers, indulge yourself in your favourite pastime in the Masurian Lakeland or at the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Be it river, lake or sea fishing, Poland offers highly diversified holiday plans for anglers (and groups of them) of all interests, combining the activity with the sightseeing of local attractions. Fishing under the highest mountain range of Poland, the Tatras, and the slightly less monumental Pieniny Mountains, will lead you to the bank of the Dunajec River and its tributaries, southern Poland, exceptionally fertile in trout and perch. The proximity of Szczawnica resort or Krakow provides for a short break from natural surroundings even the most ardent anglers will enjoy. The plain-surrounded Odra river, also guarding the westernmost Polish border, is famous for its breams, roaches and perch-pikes, particularly around the stunning city of Wroclaw.  Boarding a fishing boat, taking a cruise along the course of the river or staying at the bank of it will all provide fruitful due to the location chosen. The charm of the eastern part of Poland cannot be underestimated, as so is the fishing potential lying under the water table of crystal-clear Sun and Bug rivers. Surrounded by untamed greenery, they guarantee the peace and tranquillity needed to return with plenty of grayling, wild brown trout or barbel as your trophies. Fishing at the bank of the Vistula, the queen of Polish rivers, opens the most possibilities for tailoring the location to your needs, due to its length and variety of natural surroundings.

Enjoy your stay in the north-eastern Masuria Lakeland, the last bastion of European Bison. Thousands of its lakes will welcome you with rich ecosystems where plenty of asp, ide, common sturgeon, bream, catfish and sub-species of carp prevail, among others. Many fisheries of the region will let you stay in their nearby accommodation facilities, while it is also possible to enjoy the activity all-year-round with under-ice fishing practiced there. For the enthusiasts of sea fishing, the Polish coast of Baltic sea offers a large number of sea fisheries stretching from Hel to Świnoujście or Dziwnów. Trying your angling rod at sprat, herring, sea trout, salmon or flounder at the Baltic or tasting the local fish delicacies will never fail to satisfy your appetite for fruitful fishing expeditions – so will be the choice of any other location we may recommend.

Interested in having your stay in Poland centred around the challenges of angling? Provide us with relevant information on your preferences and let us arrange the rest.

Tour Details

  • Foreigners are not required to have a fishing licence of the Polish Angling Association during their stay in Poland, while you will need to obtain a special permit to perform the activity, as issued by one of its local branches. Minors under 14 are excluded from the obligation to have the licence granted if they are accompanied by its adult holders.
  • It is vital to follow the information on the protection periods of certain fish not to face fines.
  • Please, inform us about your level of experience, the type of fishing you would like to practice, the preferred location or equipment while contacting us.
  • It is possible to have your fishing expeditions to a selected region organised regardless of your place of stay in Poland. Simply, inform us of where you are or what the date of your intended visit is. We will do the rest!

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