Gdansk Bike Tour

Gdansk is a perfect place for active sightseeing. With its abundance in cycling lanes, bicycle-friendly interconnections within the other parts of the Tricity (Sopot and Gdynia) and an impressive flexibility of the itineraries offered, exploring magical Gdansk on a bike has been made easier than ever! During your bike ride around the hallmarks of Gdansk, you will avoid strenuous traffic jams and squeeze the attractions out of the city to the full!

Tour Overview

Throughout the cycling tour of Gdansk, you will either join a group of other keen cyclists or form a smaller one with your holiday companions. Your competent local guide will invite you to the most representative corners of the Tricity, leading you from the modernist resort of Sopot, through the beaches and ports of Gdansk, the Westerplatte peninsula and Gdansk fortifications straight to the enchanting Old Town of the city. You will be introduced to the turbulent history of this gem of Hanseatic architecture and take a chance to use numerous breaks for having a snack or photo taking.
Gdansk is the first city that comes into mind when thinking about the southern shore of the Baltic Sea. The extensive area of 414 square kilometres formed by the Tricity – with Gdansk as the most significant part of this conurbation (and not only population-wise) – makes a lot of its must-see attractions scattered over the land it occupies.Sightseeing them all with Gdansk municipal transport involved is made possible (with Westerplatte being an exception sometimes), while not as fun as having a bike as your means of transport chosen. Plus – an expert guide companion at your side. This is why, in addition to a number of aquatic pleasures Gdansk provides, bike tours around the city have become extremely popular these days. A 6- to 8-hour cycling tour of Gdansk will make you provided with professional trekking bikes for a start, as well as the possibility to customise the trip plan to serve your expectations if you come in a larger group of visitors. These will be the most sensation-giving 20 kilometres traversed on bike you may take the upcoming summer.
A standard itinerary of your will make Sopot as the starting point of your bike excursion. You will be led along the most representative lane of this Art Nouveau sea resort (Bohaterow Monte Cassino street) to reach the longest wooden pier of Europe at the beach of Sopot (1928). After a short walk taken to its very end, you will cycle down the beach-adjoined lane to the shores of Gdansk-Brzezno, where yet another pier stands out in the predominantly sandy landscape. This structure will let you admire the panoramic silhouette of the Tricity, the Gdansk Bay and the main port of the area, with a lot of landmarks distinctly visible from the distance. As you only reach the New Port of Gdansk, there will be a chance to sightsee the no longer active 19th-century Lighthouse, overlooking the Baltic sea from the altitude of 31 metres. This is where you will take a ferry towards the Westerplatte Peninsula from – another memorable spot on the trail to have a sightseeing break at. You will be shown around the remains of bunkers and guardhouses of the Polish Army, left in the area after the World War II was triggered there in 1939. The hallmark of the Monument of the Defenders of the Polish Coast will be yet another attraction of Westerplatte to catch the sight of. The last stop of your cycling trip will take place at the 14th-century Wisloujscie Fortress, where you will learn fascinating facts of the attacks this brick structure survived. This is when you will enter the charming and pride-emanating area of Gdansk Old Town, being introduced to the breathtaking views of St. Mary's Church, the merchant houses of the Long Market, stunning riverfront of the Motlawa River Bank and the Great Mill.
Ready to take Tour de Gdansk with a professional instructor? Contact us to have your bike tour around the hallmarks of Gdansk arranged!

Tour Details

  • It is possible for you to take a bike tour of Gdansk regardless of your place of stay in Poland. Simply - inform us of where you are and what the date of your intended visit is. We will do the rest!
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), bike rental, insurance, tickets to Sopot and Gdansk-Brzezno piers, tickets to Westerplatte ferry, a guide for individual tourists / small groups of visitors.
  • Please, do not consume any alcohol prior to the bike tour.

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