Gingerbread Museum Torun

Torun – the cradle to Copernicus' discoveries that also takes great pride in its delicious gingerbread, whose local recipes have been excelled into real mastery throughout centuries! Learn to make your own gingerbread at the Living Museum of Gingerbread in Torun with real professionals at your side. Add up the aromatic ingredients (like top-quality honey or cardamom) and use your hands to shape it  inside traditional wooden forms. Great fun for children and adults in the heart of stunning Gothic Torun guaranteed!

Tour Overview

Visit the Living Museum of Gingerbread in Torun, operating in a beautifully restored 16th-century factory of gingerbread (Polish: "pierniki"). Meet the passion-driven masters of gingerbread-making who will show you around the two-level interactive venue, hailed one of the most recommended attractions of Torun. Familiarise yourself with the medieval tricks-of-the-manufacture and use it to bake and decorate your own sweet souvenir from this fun place full of pleasant aromas.

The Living Museum of Gingerbread is located in the centre of Torun, just a stone's throw from the Copernicus Monument. Torun itself is conveniently situated between Warsaw and Gdansk, subsequently at the distance of 260 and 170 kilometres of road connections to each other. The museum is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm, while the estimated visiting time is approximately 75 minutes.

The 16th-century venue has a nicely renovated, Hogwart-resembling façade at the street level but the most of its attractions await you as you get inside, following the distinctive scent of gingerbread. The first floor of the museum is where you will meet your guides to this magical place – the Gingerbread Witch and Baker's Guild Masters. These well-informed individuals will introduce you to the well-kept secrets of gingerbread-making that has its roots in the Middle Ages, adding some local legends to the stories you will hear. This is also the level where the gingerbread workshops are held: you will knead the dough, follow a 500-year-old recipe and improve the mixture with aromatic and once-priceless ingredients that would be exported from remote lands in the past to make the Torun gingerbread so famous. The forms you filled with the dough will be baked in traditional wooden molds before you go to level 2 of the museum.

The second floor is occupied by an exhibition related to the manufacture equipment used for gingerbread-making. You will have a chance to see what made the gingerbread of Torun gain its distinctive shape and discover the variety of gingerbread types (like "Katarzynki" or "Classic gingerbread"). Last, but not least, you will be let using your imagination in decorating your own pieces of gingerbread with icing – as a holder of just-awarded Certificate of a Gingerbread Baker, you (or your children) should expect it to go as smoothly as never before. This fun venue is a place visitors to Torun tend to return to, which speaks volumes about the entertainment provided by its passionate operators.

The gingerbread of Torun has always been an exceptionally famous baking, appreciated for the richness of natural ingredients gathered from the fertile soil of the area (like honey and flour), mixed with the precious and exported spices of exotic nature. The fame of legendary Torun gingerbread made it a local exporting hit of the 19th century, with such locations as the Far East or Africa reporting demand for this delicious pastry. Offered as a gift to many notable individuals visiting the Prussian and Polish territories (including Napoleon Bonaparte), Torun gingerbread has always been a culinary achievement taken its desired pride of.

Interested in visiting the aromatic kingdom of the Living Museum of Gingerbread in Torun? Contact us for assistance in having the trip arranged in the smoothest way there is.

Tour Details

  • It is possible to arrange your trip to the Living Museum of Gingerbread in Torun regardless of your place of stay in Poland. Simply - inform us of where you are, what is the date you would like to take the trip on and let us do the rest!
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), admission fees to the museum and guides for individual tourists / small groups of visitors.
  • Make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients present in the gingerbread you are about to taste.
  • Please, wear the clothes that may be subject to stains during the workshop activities, not to miss having any piece of clothing wasted.

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