Gliwice Radio Station

The antenna tower of the Radio Station is part of the broadcasting station complex erected in the mid 1930s. The Gliwice Radio Station is mostly identified with the event called in historiography of the World War II the “Gliwice provocation”. It is also an exceptionally interesting monument of the radio technology. Many pieces of original equipment and devices are preserved there. The most precious item of the complex is the transmission tower, considered now to be one of the highest wooden structures in the world (111 m). It is built of larch wood. The wooden structure is connected by means of over 16 thousand brass bolts. The tower is illuminated with eight large reflectors and visible from the distance of many kilometres.

Tour Overview

Gliwice Museum is located at the radio station, which is the tallest free-standing wooden structure in the world. The construction of the tower was completed 75 years ago. The object was built of beams of untreated larch wood, connected by means of over 16 thousand brass bolts. Curiously enough, not a single steel nail was used in the structure.

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