Gory Stolowe (Table Mountains) National Park

The Table Mountains range (Góry Stołowe): prepare yourself for an extraordinary view of Europe's only ledge-like mountain plates, sightsee the unique rock formations out of a fairly-tale! Observe nature at its best by visiting the counterpart of the Grand Canyon in Europe.

Tour Overview

A hiking enthusiast will definitely find the Gory Stolowe National Park a spot to return to. Located in South-Western Poland and shared with the territory of the Czech Republic, the 63 sq. kilometers of the protected 'flat-top' mountainous area offer a wide range of activities and unique views for visitors.

Gory Stolowe National Park covers an area situated in the region of Lower Silesia, being exceptionally rich in wonders of nature and historical monuments of many backgrounds, also constituting a part of the Sudetes. The medieval city of Kłodzko, located in the immediate proximity of the Table Mountains, has been dubbed into 'Little Prague' for a reason - this town, being acknowledged for its notable architecture, offering accommodation, transport, restaurant and equipment-renting facilities, is also a frequently-chosen starting point for those heading for the said national park for leisure.

Upon entering the Gory Stolowe National Park, the visitors will find themselves surrounded by a spruce woodland covering a pristine, 70 million-year-old ancient range of a rare, Grand-Canyon like appearance, so untypical for the European landscape. Observing wild deer or pigs in their natural and protected habitat makes the area abundant in the spots that appear perfect for ardent photographers. A standard tour may require at least a few hours of spare time from the visitor to encompass as many wonders of nature as the area may only offer, taking on such forms of leisure, as hiking, bike riding, cross country skiing or Nordic Walking, including winter sport activities.

There are plenty of hiking trails set within the region to choose from, enabling one to admire the marvellous mountain range of Góry Stołowe that has eroded into a table-like shape, also by coming accross such famous rock formations, as the Rock Mushrooms, Hen, Camel or Errand Rocks. Be it climbing the highest peak of the Table Mountains (Szczeliniec Wielki, 919 metres above the sea level), forcing your way through the Hell rock corridor or wandering through the Vanishing Meadow (Niknąca Łąka) area, paying one's visit to the Góry Stołowe National Park is always a memorable experience.

Irrespective of your age, form of desired activity or time that you may devote to the tour along the trails of the Table Mountains, the possibility to highly customise the trip makes is advisable to everyone. If you are interested in exploring the mysterious and eerie area of the Góry Stołowe National Park,

Feel free to contact us - we know how to arrange the trip in a way you will find the most suitable and best-tailored to your needs.

Tour Details

  • You may be collected from any hotel located in the territory of Poland in order to partake in the trip along the trails of the Table Mountains - please, contact us in order to arrange the pickup.
  • It is advisable to consult the tour operator before your arrival with regard to the range of planned activities and equipment needed to perform them.
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), admission fees to any ticketed attractions included in the programme, a guide for individual tourists / small groups of visitors.

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