Horse & Carriage Ride in Tatra Mountains

Relaxing horse and carriage rides around the Tatras make for one of the best activities to undertake there once the snow caps have melted. Being seated in a comfortable carriage or cart, surrounded by the soaring granite peaks, and gently rolling over the valleys blooming with crocuses bring the peace of mind that everyone deserves to experience during their stay in the most picturesque part of Poland.

Tour Overview

Traverse the most spectacular valleys of the Polish Tatras in a carriage pulled by some of the strongest horse breeds of the region. Let yourself be effortlessly taken to the Alpine meadows of Chocholowska or Koscieliska Valleys for an hour or two, having a refreshing break at a traditional bonfire in the midst of this tranquilising tour. Or, alternatively, take an inspiring ride to Lake Morskie Oko – one of the most scenic natural wonders of Europe.
Aside from the multitude of winter activities Zakopane boasts of (like made possible by complex skiing facilities or ski-touring, snowboarding, snowmobile and sleigh riding), this most prominent spa resort of Poland also attracts its visitors with a range of attractions that make it worth dropping in during springs or summers. Upon covering the distance of nearly 110 kilometres southwards from Krakow, you will see why horse and carriage rides are among the most popular of them straight away. It is for the mild valleys stretching between the high peaks of Alpine-like Tatras, looking as if made for horse-drawn carriage expeditions to be taken there. During your horse and carriage ride around the Tatras, you will be driven to the entrances of Chocholowska or Koscieliska Valleys, both located within the enclave of Tatra National Park. Irrespective of which tour you have decided to take, the total time of your excursion will amount to two hours. A horse cart ride to Morskie Oko starts at Palenica Bialczanska and is expected to last not more than 45 minutes.
Chocholowska Valley is the longest and largest valley of the Polish Tatras, with its terrain having 225 metres of altitude difference. Once your carriage sets off for a ride at the entrance to Chocholowska named Siwa Polana, you will begin your adventure as surrounded by vast Alpine meadows (35 square km) where – particularly during April and May – you may expect them covered by a violet sea of crocuses. Your carriage will pass through such gneiss-rock and granite formations as Nizna and Wyznia Chocholowska Gates, while there will also be distinctive limestone structures composing the serene landscape of the valley. The rocky waterbed is where Chocholowski mountain stream flows along, distributing its pleasant sound and fresh air of spring around the area. A ride through Chocholowska Valley, so beloved by Pope John Paul II who would return there on numerous occasions, allows for setting your eyes at the peak of Kominiarski Wierch, spruce-covered hills, lovely wooden chalets and chapels scattered all around the trail. At 1,148 m asl, you will have a refreshing break arranged at the biggest mountain shelter of Polish Tatras: Schronisko Chocholowskie. During the 30-40 minute interval, you will be treated with some delicious apple pie, tea or coffee, having some spare time to explore the area yourself before you return to the base, coming across some charming mountain villages on your way back. A ride through Koscieliska Valley will be as rich in visual sensations as in the case of the former tour, with the rocky surroundings of West Tatras being slightly higher and more jagged when compared to milder Chocholowska (e.g. with the presence of such summits as Blyszcz – 2,159 m asl – or Bystra: 2,248 m asl). Abundant in soaring crags, caves and more varied rock formations, Koscieliska represents a harsher, yet still gorgeous version of crocus-adorned Chocholowska Valley.
Ready to set off for a horse-drawn carriage ride across the scenic Chocholowska or Koscieliska valleys? Contact us to have the take a breather under the peak of the Tatras this season!

Tour Details

  • It is possible for you to take a horse and carriage ride in the Polish Tatras regardless of your place of stay in Poland. Simply - inform us of where you are and what the date of your intended visit is - we will do the rest!
  • One horse-drawn carriage may accommodate between 1 and 3 persons.
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), admission fees to pre-arranged attractions, the assistance of a guide for individual tourists / small groups of visitors.

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