Horseback Riding

Horseback riding holiday in Poland – a home to rich equestrian traditions, renowned stables of purebred horses and comfy agro-tourism & horse-riding facilities to be found around the country. It is a perfect idea for those who like their activities highly customisable.

Tour Overview

Explore the picturesque flatland of Greater Poland, mysterious, castle-abundant Silesian woods and the royal region of Lesser Poland on horseback. Traverse the Baltic beaches, Masurian lakeland or mountainous landscapes of the Beskidy mountains in the saddle, like your ancestors would. Regain the peace of mind you deserve as surrounded by the pristine nature of Polish countryside.

Horseback tourism is one of the finest activities Poland has to offer, the country being full of renowned stud farms (like in Janow Podlaski), stables, agro-tourism estates and facilities providing complex horseback riding lessons even to novice riders. Child guests are given an opportunity to improve their saddle skills within fenced riding areas due to the presence of ponies in the offer of virtually every horse riding school. Visitors can choose between such varied accommodation facilities as hotels, guest houses or campsites while the length of stay depends on their choice, typically encompassing a few days of visit.

One-day horseback excursions along selected riding trails is the choice of those who would like to limit their countryside experience to a short, yet thoroughly refreshing break spent in the wild, also enabling them to observe curious species of Polish wildlife in their natural habitat. Guests may freely tailor their horse riding trails to their current place of stay from among a few hundred riding facilities located across the country, while the selection of horse riding lanes may vary from those of a couple of kilometres of length to as extensive ones as those exceeding 600 kilometres of trails combined (e.g. in the Beskid mountains) which may also be traversed through in horse-drawn carriages. Traditionally, particular regions of Poland specialise in breeding purebred Arabs, Anglo-Arabs (southern and south-western part of the country), Hucul ponies (East Carpathia) or Tarpans (eastern Poland) while the stables being open to guests are often located by historic manor houses, in the vicinity of fields, meadows, rock formations (particularly in Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska) and famous jewels of architecture, such as the castle in Książ (Lower Silesia) or the Odrowąż palace (West Pomerania), among others.

Horse riding vacations in Poland enable every visitor to combine actively spent time with sightseeing – both provided by the country whose love for horses has always been exceptional, which is exemplified by the legendary devotion of Polish Marshal Jozef Pilsudski to his purebred mare named "Kasztanka". A guest to Poland may always find a facility for horseback tourism in the proximity of their place of stay – if you are interested in exploring the fascinating countryside of Poland in the saddle, do not hesitate to contact us – even if you are already there.

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Tour Details

• Please, inform us about the planned range of activities or level of horseback  experience while booking your horse riding stay in Poland so that we may tailor the activities to your specific needs.

• Most horse riding classes are given by qualified instructors who may prepare you for PEF (the Polish Equestrian Federation) exams if you express such willingness.

• Horse riding is not limited to people of specific age or health conditions. Apart from recreational purposes, we may offer you a wide range of equine-assisted therapy activities during your stay.

• The price includes the rental of equipment.

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