Jasna Gora Monastery

Visit the Jasna Gora (Luminous Mount) Monastery – the most important pilgrimage destination of Poland. See the miraculous, world-famous image of Black Madonna of Czestochowa and numerous relics displayed inside the impressive and extensive complex of the Basilica, its Arsenal, Treasury and Tower.

Tour Overview

The tour encompasses a visit to the Jasna Gora sanctuary in Czestochowa, one of the Historic Monuments of Poland. See why millions of tourists and walking pilgrims pay a visit to the Basilica a year to admire the Gothic painting of Our Lady of Czestochowa it houses and its historical interiors. Discover the historical background of the cult status of the shrine and the beautifully-located castle of Pieskowa Skala. Faith, nature and history are the keywords to this fascinating tour around the southern part of the country.

Jasna Gora Monastery is located in the spiritual capital of Poland – the city of Czestochowa, located 1,5 hour drive in the north-west direction from Krakow. In order to sightsee the monumental shrine placed on a hill in the city centre, distinctively seen from the distance with its 105-meter-tall tower and reachable through the alley that bears certain resemblance to the Champs-Élysées of Paris, you need to devote 8 to 9 hours, if adopting Krakow as the starting point to your trip.

The Basilica you will enter comprises of a 15th century Chapel and a couple of adjoining buildings dated 15th to 18th centuries. The Chapel of the Miraculous Painting of Our Lady is where you will see the image of Black Madonna – the icon that is believed to have been painted by St. Luke on the table top the Holy Family would dine at, before one of Polish Dukes bought the sacred painting. The image has been associated with the most significant events from Polish history throughout the last 600 years, including the successful defence of the monastery against the Swedish army during the Deluge invasion (1655) or the anti-communist gatherings of the 1980's that took place during the visit of pope John Paul II to Poland.

You will be guided across the fortified Basilica to see the Knight's Hall, the Treasury of the monastery, the Arsenal of Jasna Gora, the Golgotha and Stations of the Cross, as well as to observe the panorama of Czestochowa from the top of the Tower. During summertime, you may come across thousands of walking pilgrims visiting the Chapel per day. A break following the tour will enable you to have a meal in one of local restaurants or to explore the centre of Czestochowa.

Afterwards, you will head for the Eagles' Nests Landscape Park, where the 16th century castle of Pieskowa Skala begins the chain of 25 fortified structures – the royal / knight's castles and watchtowers, the oldest ones dating back to the 14th century. The limestone cliff over the river of Pradnik is the place where the marvellous castle stands, letting you overlook the breathtaking Ojcow National Park, home to eerie stone structures, woods and valleys. The Museum of the National Wawel Art Collections housed inside will familiarise you with the finest works of art owned by Polish monarchs. The route back to Krakow will lead through the remaining part of the Trail of Eagle Nests, providing you with another set of attractive spots to come across on that day.

If you are interested in visiting the Jasna Gora Monastery and the castle of Pieskowa Skala, contact us to have your tour arranged.

Tour Details

  • The Jasna Gora Monastery is a place of religious cult. Please, dress appropriately before entering the Basilica.
  • The trip to Pieskowa Skala castle requires some walking distance to be covered. It is advisable to put on sports footwear before the trip.
  • It is possible to be picked-up (and dropped-off) from the location other than Krakow if we are informed of it in advance.
  • The price includes: transport, admission fees to the pre-arranged attractions and a guide for individual tourists / small groups of visitors.

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