Kayaking in Poland

A thrilling adventure in the wild is what kayaking and canoeing never fail to provide. No matter if you are experienced or only begin developing your passion for canoeing, the diversity of Polish network of water bodies will satisfy you with the variety of routes you may paddle your way through. The rivers of calm flow, stony beds, multitude of natural obstacles or rushing streams, so beautifully surrounded by the blooming Polish countryside, is where we invite you to spend the holiday full of stunning landscapes, challenges and adrenaline.

Tour Overview

Ready, steady, go! Grab the paddles and begin your journey down the stream of the rivers of picturesque Masuria, Pomerania, Suwalki or Podlasie Regions, not to mention the rough waters of Bieszczady or Tatra Mountains. Choose the most convenient surroundings, tell us what you wish to experience and trust us – the routes we select will always respond to the level of  your skills. English-speaking guides, instructors, transport & accommodation and – last but not least – the equipment, are what you will find already arranged by us as you come.

With over 150 kayaking routes and countless lakes that are suitable for kayaking and canoeing, the variety of options to arrange your active holiday in the country, may give you a real headache. Plenty of resorts where you will find professional kayaking facilities, rentals or accommodation are scattered across Poland and its highly diversified landscape, adding more dimensions of difficulty to the choice. One-day kayaking excursions or a few-day lasting expeditions may be arranged in a highly customised way if you ask the right people to assist you.

The title of the most popular water-sport region of Poland has to be given to Masuria. This north-eastern part of Poland, tightly covered with woods inhabited by the European Bison and other endemic species, will let you encounter a lot of beginner-friendly lakes (from among over 2,000 of them), as well as more demanding canoeing trails down the rivers of more rushing current (including Czarna Hancza and the thrilling lock on the Augustow Canal, Drweca or Krutynia). Southwards from Gdansk, in the region of Pomerania, you will be invited to the endless kayaking routes of Kashubia. The Kashubian Lakeland, with its rivers of Brda or Chocina, is famous for the tranquillity of the hilly landscape dominating the nature there. Over 250 lakes of the nearby Drawskie Lakeland will proudly welcome you with one of the best-known kayaking trails of Poland – Drawa River Route, enabling you to admire the state-protected nature stretching along both banks of the river. Plenty of peninsulas and islands present on the routes of the region are perfect for semi-advanced canoeists who happen to follow the way.

More experienced players will have a chance to manoeuvre with their paddles down the demanding rivers of the mountainous Bieszczady or Tatra regions, whose cold and foamy streams have their curvy course led along a trail of rocks protruding over the water table. The Bialka river provides one of those routes which bring "The River Wild" into mind, while similar experiences will await you at the bank of Dunajec, which is the most famous Polish river in terms of raftsmen's activity for a reason.

Can't wait to tame the rough waters of Poland during your kayaking exploration? Contact us with no hesitation!

Tour Details

  • Please, do not drink alcohol prior to your kayaking/canoeing activity for safety reasons.
  • The price inculdes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), pre-arranged equipment rental, professional assistance, guides for individual tourists / small groups of visitors.

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