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Kitesurfing in Poland? As surprising as it sounds, the strong breeze of the Baltic Sea may hit your power kite really hard at times, while the sun above you is still the same star that shines over California! Explore the northernmost areas of Poland where special Kite Zones have been separated to provide you with the space vast enough for your kitesurfing madness to take place. Develop your new aquatic passion on the shallow waters of Pucka Bay or show off with your water-splashing skills at Vistula Lagoon or Zegrze Reservoir.

Tour Overview

Each kitesurfer used to be a beginner once. When you choose to undertake this fun activity, you only need to decide how much time you may devote to learn the basics. There are dozens of kitesurfing facilities in Poland. And, with its hot summers and plenitude of open-space water bodies, Poland has its all to ensure your kitesurfing plan will meet the right circumstances. Regardless of the location you choose (the Baltic shore or Masovian lakes), your level of kitesurfing advancement will be professionally catered for in terms of development. Remember that you only need 5 hours to pass through the beginner's level with the kitesurfing courses provided in Poland!
Kitesurfing courses or, simply, the spots where you can freely practice this dynamic activity, are scattered all around Poland. At the same time, there are two recommended locations where the most ardent fans of kitesurfing gather: Mazovia and the Baltic shore. The artificial Zegrze Reservoir of the former region is located just next to Warsaw. The southern Baltic shore has its kitesurfing hotspots centered in the vicinity of historic Gdansk (within 4 hours of travel from Warsaw), where both the Hel Peninsula and Vistula Lagoon are conveniently reachable from. Polish kitesurfing schools give you an opportunity to complete 4 levels of advancement (PZKite I-IV), each one covering about 5 hours of practical lessons. Professional instructors will lead you to the real expert level, teaching you to launch your kite, steer it, stand on the board and ride the waves! If you are already a pro kitesurfer, you will come across a lot of equipment rentals, convenient kite-friendly zones and people like you during your Polish holidays.
The heart of Polish kitesurfing culture beats around the Baltic Hel Peninsula, forming the extensive Pucka Bay with its southern strip of land. Another important spot is to be found at the Vistula Lagoon, separated from the sea by the Vistula Spit. The sunny and windy conditions at Pucka Bay, as combined with its shallow waters (as closer to the shore), make the area a real kitesurfing paradise – and one of the best places in Europe to let yourself be pulled along the water surface by the power of wind! As you only come there, you will notice countless kites flying in the wind all along the 34 kilometres of Hel Peninsula; moreover, there will be great unity and friendliness present among the kitesurfers themselves. The place is particularly recommended to kitesurfing beginners, while the 300 m/s reaching winds are unanimously enjoyed by the pros, too! If you tend to avoid crowds, choosing to go to the Vistula Lagoon (quite similarly shaped by nature) might be a better choice. Real maniacs of kitesurfing will also enjoy their stay at Zegrze Reservoir. The 33 square kilometres of this artificial water body are typically taken advantage of by those who are skilled enough to slide outside of the Kite Zone, where windsurfers and sailors are also heavily present. No matter where you go –once you realise that a kite used to be the latest official promotional logo of Polish tourism, you may start treating Poland as really close to your kitesurfer's heart!
Interested in being pulled by your kite along the Polish shores this summer? Contact us for detailed assistance in making this with true!

Tour Details

  • It is possible for you to go kitesurfing in Poland regardless of your place of stay within the country. Simply - inform us of where you are and what the date of your intended visit is. We will do the rest!
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), kitesurfing courses (if needed), admission fees to pre-selected attractions, a guide for individual tourists / small groups of visitors.
  • There is no bottom age limit set to participants of kitesurfing, while most instructors recommend it that the beginner's course is taken after the child is at least 12 years old.
  • Kitesurfing does not require any exceptional health conditions. It is practised by people representing various age or health status.
  • Kitesurfing is not a licensed discipline. However, after having completed PZKite III level, you may have a "Kiteboarder's Card" issued by the Polish Association of Kiteboarding. It entitles you to an internationally recognised insurance programme and entails a number of discounts for kitesurfing equipment.

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