Krakow Christmas Market tour with wine and food tasting

Krakow Christmas Market is an unquestionable pride of the city. Occupying a deservedly large portion of picturesque Main Market Square each winter, it tempts its passers-by with a riot of colours, the warmth of blinking decorations and the soul-soothing sound of Christmas carols from afar. It is yet the great selection of Polish delicacies, Christmas dishes and mulled wine that attracts most visitors to join the crowds gathered in front of homely-arranged wooden stalls laid out in the heart of Krakow.

Tour Overview

Experience the spirit of genuine Polish Christmas tradition at the fabulous Christmas Market of Krakow! With its fame considerably defined through the presence incredibly delicious Polish cuisine there, it will expose you to a wide range of dishes that Poles prepare for their Christmas Eve dinners. During your tour along the trail of Polish Christmas customs, your private local guide will let you sample such dainties as oscypek, pierogi, traditional borsch or genuine gingerbread. Being introduced to such wonderful customs as sharing the Christmas wafer or building a Nativity Crib is something to make you embrace the unforgettable atmosphere of Christmas time in Poland.
Between the last week of November and January 6 of the following year, the visitors to Krakow can enjoy the magical atmosphere provided by its extensive and beautifully decorated Christmas Market. This annual event has been placed on a par with other famous European markets, while the fact that it represents the Polish and Catholic Christmas traditions rather than the Protestant ones makes it endowed with its own distinct character. During your 2-hour guided tour to the wonderful world enclosed within cosy wooden stalls laid out in the epicentre of Krakow (the largest market square of Europe), you will be shown around the essential elements of Polish Christian tradition. Your expert assistant will introduce you to the taste of such regional delicacies as oscypek (smoked cheese), aromatic pierogi with a variety of stuffings (stuffed dumplings), spicy and sour borsch (Polish Christmas soup) or gingerbread, prepared according to an old recipe and making an exporting hit of Poland since the Middle Ages. With a cup of mulled wine (famous "Grzaniec Galicyjski", served straight from a huge barrel placed in the middle of the Main Market Square), you will feel warmed-up enough to discover the rest of miscellany offered at the Christmas Market. There will be local meats, sweets, marinated specialties, hot dishes (like "bigos" hunter's stew or fried "kielbasa" – famous Polish sausage), bottled meads and rare brands of alcohol available for collecting – something a real gourmet will never hesitate to sample! With some spare time given to you to pick the handcrafted souvenirs of your preference to take home, your walking tour will also include some of the most important sites the Polish Christian tradition is composed of. You may be sure to meet beautiful Nativity scenes with your own eyes, represented by breathtakingly beautiful cribs made by the local artists of Krakow, coming across a number of skilled Christmas carol performers on your way there.
This wonderful Christmas adventure in snowy Krakow is something you will find hard to forget, especially as at the end of it you will take part in yet another heart-melting Polish Christmas custom. You will share the Christmas wafer with your guide and be wished Merry Christmas, as millions of Poles do in their homes every Christmas Eve. Apparently, they also leave one empty seat at their Christmas tables, waiting for strangers in need to knock at their door and be let spending this special night with others.  
Ready to surrender yourself to the marvellous atmosphere of Krakow Christmas Market? Contact us to taste genuine Polish tradition this winter with an experienced local guide right by your side!

Tour Details

  • It is possible for you to take a walking tour around the Christmas Market of Krakow regardless of your place of stay in Poland – simply, inform us of where you are and what the intended date of your visit is: we will do the rest!
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), a glass of mulled wine, food tasting (oscypek, pierogi, borsch, gingerbread), a guide for individual tourists / small groups of visitors (available in Polish and English).
  • The minimum number of participants in the guided tour is 1. Organised groups do not exceed the number of 15 people.
  • The Christmas Market of Krakow operated between the last week of November and January, 6, 7 days a week. December 25 and January 1 are excluded from the service.
  • It is possible to meet your guide at 2 Swietego Jana street.

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