Łazienki Królewskie Park-Palace Complex

Visit Lazienki Park (the Royal Baths Park) - the most impressive oasis of greenery in Warsaw where Baroque statues and palaces compete with nature in terms of beauty. Come across the Chopin monument, visit the elegant interior of the 18th-century Palace on the Isle and rest at the Old Orangery.

Tour Overview

Forget the rule that visiting a city means being separated from nature. The Royal Baths Park in Warsaw is a unique asylum where nature is complemented by the refineness of architecture serving the last kings of Poland. Take a stroll across the extensive park and let yourself take a trip back in time.

The gate to Royal Baths Park in Warsaw is located at elegant Aleje Ujazdowskie - the avenue where numerous embassies and ministries are located, being part of the Royal Route of the Polish capital city. The former 18th-century summer residence of the last king of Poland, Stanislaw August Poniatowski, was established in the territory covered by an ancient hunting wood, later having been made open to the public. A 3-hour-long walk around one of the most beautiful European parks (if not gardens) has been the most popular place for strolls of Varsovians ever since, encompassing nearly 80 hectares of greenery in the strict city centre and placed over-the-fence of Belweder - the Polish presidential residence. The fine bronze Chopin Statue of 1907 is the first monument to be noticed upon entering - this is where complimentary Sunday piano concerts attract wide public during summers.

As you explore the well-maintained area of the park, you will come across a number of stunning statues, romantic bridges, impressive palaces and pavillions, including the Neoclassicist Palace on the Isle, meticulously reconstructed after the damage inflicted during WWII, the antique-styled Amphitheatre or the flower-adorned light building of Royal Orangery, with the Gallery of Polish Sculpture housed inside. Myslewicki Palace (designed by famous Domenico Merlini), the White House villa with the genuine bed of the king as one of its exhibits, Podchorazowka (the Military College), the Hermitage or Temple of Sybilla pavillions provide other fine examples of Italian-inspired jewels of Polish architecture. No minute spent in the charming gardens of Lazienki Krolewskie Park is a lost one - the unparalleled aesthetics characterising the place makes it a must-visit spot while in Warsaw.

If you wish to explore the beauty of  the Royal Baths Park, feel free to contact us - we will make the visit one to be memorised.

Tour Details

  • The Royal Baths Park is open from dusk till dawn, while its historic buildings are open to the public between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • It is possible to to sightsee the Royal Baths Park on an MPV (up to 6 passengers)
  • Due to the size of the park, be prepared for sudden changes of weather and dress appropriately.
  • There are a couple of restaurants and cafés located in the park.

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