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Lublin – the jewel of Eastern Poland. Contrary to the red-brick-inspired old towns of Gdansk or Wroclaw, it manages to show you the strongest influence of old-Polish architectural trends within its scenic urban fabric. The distinctive 16th-century style has been dubbed into "Lublin Renaissance". Lighter, more spacious and serene than its heavy Gothic counterparts of the west, Lublin still emanates with the aura of its past importance to the defensive and administrative purposes of the once-mighty Crown of Poland, with heavy presence of Jewish community having lived there prior to WWII.

Tour Overview

Take a walking tour through the cobbled streets and plazas of Lublin Old Town. Pass the solid city gates and meet the hallmarks of Lublin Old Market Square with your own eyes, by taking delight at the Neo-classicist New Town Hall, the awe-inspiring temples of the Dominican Church, as well as the Cathedral of Saints John the Baptist and John the Evangelist. Admire the original Neo-Gothic facade of 13-century Lublin Castle and pay a visit to the fresco-adorned Chapel of the Holy Trinity.
Lublin is a charming city bearing the unofficial title of the capital of Eastern Poland. The earliest mention of a settlement in the area comes from the records of the 6th century, the urban establishment of Lublin occured in 1317 and the golden age of the city – during the reigns of Jagiellon dynasty. Located at the border between the Catholic and Orthodox traditions, attracting the Jewish community to thrive due to the principles of religious tolerance applied there, it used to constitute an important urban centre of the Polish Kingdom along with Lviv. After having travelled for 4 hours from Krakow to reach Lublin, you will need 3 to 4 hours to sightsee the highlights of its magnificent Old Town.
You will start your Lublin walking tour at 14th-century Krakow Gate, being what is left of this part of defensive walls of Lublin. The gate now houses an exhibition on the fascinating history of Lublin, ranging from the 6th to 20th centuries. This passage will open your way to the Old Market Square of Lublin, overrun with the quaint facades of merchant and tenement houses, adorned with the mannerist detail and stunning bass reliefs. The New Town Hall of Lublin, rebuilt in the Neo-classicist style in 1828, will be another memorable object of the tour, especially once you hear the tragic story of Lublin residents trapped inside its basements after the city was bombed in 1944. As you walk along the Old Town of Lublin, you will not miss the classicist Lublin Crown Tribunal, where – according to a legend – the devil himself left the burnt mark of his hand on one if its tables, showing the judges how wrong their decisions were. Having a chance to sightsee the Lublin Cathedral, you will be exposed to the striking Sacristy Chamber and Treasury, while the interior of Basilica of Dominican Friars, the outstanding example of Lublin Renaissance, will show you where the act of the Union of Lublin was signed in 1569.
Lublin Castle is a grandiose royal residence established by High Duke Casimir II the Just in the 12th century. The castle has its front facade redesigned according to the Neo-Gothic fashion and a Romanesque keep built in the 13th century. This enchanting building, also famous for its vast arcaded courtyard, houses a branch of the Museum of Lublin now. Throughout World War II, nearly 40,000 of Polish resistance fighters would be imprisoned there by the Nazis, while the post-war communist authorities of Poland would use it as a prison for their political opponents. This speaks volumes about the turbulent history of Lublin, with its residents suffering from terrible oppression during World War II. Visiting nearby Majdanek concentration camp is another testimony to these sad events. At the same time, only good memories may be involved with the sightseeing of the Chapel of Holy Trinity, where the historically valuable set of Russo-Byzantine frescoes has been well-preserved inside its 15th-century interiors.
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