Moszna Castle

The Moszna Castle is a historical residence in the Moszna village on the west site of Poland, one of the most famous buildings in this region. We believe, the pictures of the place says by themselves! 

Tour Overview

Visit the marvelous Moszna Castle and Park complex in the former residence of the German family. The residence is situated in Moszna village, in the western part of Upper Silesia, and its history begins in the 17th century.

The castle contains 365 rooms and 99 turrets. It is reminiscent of English castles from the Elizabethan period. The stud farm with thoroughbred Arab horses attracts many enthusiasts of equestrian sports.

Apart from the castle itself, the entire complex includes a park which has no precised boundaries and combines with the nearby fields, meadows and a forest. Only the main axis of the park can be characterised as geometrical. Starting from the gate, it leads along the oak and then horse-chestnut avenues, towards the palace. Further on, the park passes into an avenue of lime trees with symmetrical canals running along both sides of the path, lined with a few varieties of rhododendrons. The axis of the park is ended in the base of a former monument of Hubert von Tiele Winckler. On the eastern side of the lime avenue there is a pond with an islet referred to by the owners as the Easter Island. The islet is planted with needle-leaved shrubs and can be reached through a Chinese-styled bridge. The garden, being a part of the whole park complex, was restored slightly earlier than the castle itself.

There is a restaurant and hotel in the castle, so we can arrange for you meals and overnight-stay. 

If you are interested in visiting the castle, contact us!

Tour Details

We can arrange trip to this marvelous castle from every place in Poland.
The price includes transport to the castle, guided tour and entrance tickets.
After the guided tour you can spend your free time in the gardens opened till 22:00.
You can visit the Moszna Castle for all year round.

Some Photos

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