Niedzica Castle

Take a  trip to Niedzica Castle –  the most important fortified stronghold of the Pieniny Mountains, a former border post of the Polish Crown which offers one of the most iconic castle outlines in Poland, as seen from the opposite Czorsztyn Castle. Board a raft to reach Szczawnica, admiring the mountainous landscape along the Dunajec river en route to the castle.

Tour Overview

Visit Niedzica Castle and experience the medieval atmosphere of this jewel of architecture, erected in 1326 by the Hungarian Brezevichy family. Located at the altitude of 566 meters above the sea level and 30 meters over the water table of Lake Czorsztyn, it houses a fascinating exhibition comprised of a variety of historic artefacts.

Niedzica Castle overlooks the village of Niedzica-Zamek, located in the vicinity of Slovakian borderland and the gate to Pieninski National Park. A standard sightseeing tour starts at artificial Lake Czorsztyn which was created through the erection of a man-made dam on the Dunajec river, located 300 meters from the castle.

Niedzica Castle was built on a limestone cliff, as further protected by an impressive fortified wall. The cobbled courtyard, surrounded by utility buildings representing a variety of architectural styles, is a starting point to the tour encompassing selected chambers of the castle. The exhibition is composed of ancient clocks and furniture, antique firearms, stuffed animals, works of art and documents of a historical value, while a number of exhibits concern the local colour and ethnography of the Spis region. The two castle terraces enable visitors to admire the picturesque and vast scenery stretching out from the hill, including the view of the ruins of Czorsztyn Castle, while the castle restaurant provides them with satisfying local dishes. The dungeons of Niedzica Castle have their own enthusiasts who also enjoy hearing of the legend of a white lady haunting the castle at night.

The phantom is believed to be the ghost of Umina – an Inca princess murdered in the castle by a thief wanting to capture the treasure she had brought to Poland from the New World. The treasure remains unfound, yet the directions to it are believed to have been encrypted with the Inca writing by the princess prior to her tragic death. The tour will additionally enable you to sightsee the UNESCO-listed Debno parish church if you decide to take a return rafting cruise to Szczawnica from the nearby Sromowce-Katy village. The whole tour and sightseeing requires 8 to 9 hours to be devoted to. 

If you are interested in visiting one of the most scenic castles to be found in Poland, contact us – we will arrange the trip as tailored to your specific needs.

Tour Details

  • Please, stay prepared for different weather conditions during your trip and bring appropriate clothes with you.
  • The price for a standard tour includes the admission fee to the castle and a guide.
  • It is possible to visit Niedzica Castle regardless of your place of stay in Poland. Simply - inform us of where you are or when the intended date of your visit is and we will arrange the rest!



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