Ojcow National Park

The Ojcow National Park is difficult to be mistaken for any other. Abundant in uniquely-shaped and eerie rock formations, deep caves, picturesque Gothic / Renaissance castles and strongholds, the area has been enchanting its by-chance visitors for ages.

Tour Overview

Visit the second-smallest, yet one of the most alluring national parks in Poland. 1,890 ha of forests, canyons, horse riding lanes, limestone cliffs and medieval architecture located in the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland will satisfy the needs of every visitor. The area is particularly great for wildlife-watchers and ardent photographers.

The Ojcow National Park opens its gates 15 kilometres north of Krakow (southern Poland) which makes it easily accessible for tourists. Guests to the park need to devote at least 6 hours to encompass the entirety of worth-visiting spots it offers. The landscape of Ojcow National Park is extremely distinctive – among the broadleaf and beech woodland, it is impossible to overlook such landmarks of nature as the limestone formations of the Krakow Gate, Needle of Deotyma or Hercules' Club (25 metres high), immortalised in a number of Polish films, whenever their directors needed to find a unique, dream-like setting to the plot (including world-famous "the Saragossa Manuscript" by W.J. Has, one the favourite works of cinematic art of M. Scorcese). Wandering along the Pradnik valley, visitors may come across the "Chapel on the Water" shrine or countless bat-inhabited caves located en route, of which King Łokietek Cave (320 m) and the Dark Cave are the deepest ones being open to the public (from among approximately 700 of them). There is rich biodiversity in this area composed of brooks, valleys, steep ledges woodlands and cliffs, being said to be home to about 6000 distinct species.

Bats, beavers, ermines, numerous species of butterflies and beetles are easily noticeable while traversing the park on foot, providing yet another reason why the area is under special protection. History enthusiasts will find the Ojcow National Park particularly interesting on account of the defensive purposes the area would serve in the past. Such architectural gems as the Little Dog's Rock Castle ("Zamek Pieskowa Skała") or the Casimir Ojcow Castle ("Zamek w Ojcowie") which would be formerly incorporated into the defensive line of "Eagles' Nests" at the borderland of the Polish Crown, complement the picture of the Ojcow National Park as a magnificent, fairy-tale-like place you should not miss.

If you are interested in exploring the area on your own, contact us immediately and find out what we can do to tailor the Ojcow tour to suit your purposes.

Tour Details

  • You may be collected from any hotel located in the territory of Poland in order to partake in the trip along the trails of the Ojcowski National Park - please, contact us in order to arrange the pick-up.
  • It is advisable to consult the tour operator before your arrival with regard to the range of planned activities and (additional) equipment needed to perform them.

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