Palace of Culture and Science

Originally named "Joseph Stalin Palace of Culture and Science", the 237-metre-high structure dominates the skyline of dynamically developing Warsaw even in the 21st century, despite being completed in 1955. Love it or hate it – this remnant of Stalinist architecture is one of the most recognisable buildings of Poland, the tallest structure within its borders, as well as a place where 3,288 rooms housing museums, cinemas, swimming pools, universities and a viewing terrace are housed. This pearl of Soviet architecture is one of the foremost attractions of Warsaw, located straight in the city centre.

Tour Overview

Visit the interiors of massive Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. Inspired by Polish Baroque architecture and American art deco high-risers, this architecturally impressive building will invite you to its vast spaces marked by coherent and classy design, the beautifully renovated Congress Hall where communist gatherings used to be held, letting you also admire the breathtaking panorama of Warsaw stretching around the viewing terrace that operates on the 30th floor of the palace.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, with its downtown quite untypical for a European city when it comes to the presence of high-risers in the direct centre of it. Joseph Stalin Palace of Culture and Science was the first building of this kind built on the pile of debris Warsaw was turned into throughout the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Erected between 1952 and 1955, it was officially introduced as the gift of Stalin to "the liberated people of Poland", imposed communism on after the end of World War II. No wonder that this massive structure representing Socialist-realism architecture, with an extensive ground floor that still makes it impossible to dominate the palace with any other building erected in its direct vicinity, was not really welcomed with any gratitude of Warsaw residents who dubbed it into "the dream of a mad confectioner". Considered a symbol of Soviet supremacy over post-war Poland, it – as a matter of fact –  not only served a number of valuable functions, but also constituted a jewel of architecture itself. Throughout your 1,5- to 2-hour lasting tour, you will be guided along the most worth-seeing places selected from among the 123,084 square metres occupied by this monumental building.

The Palace of Culture and Science was designed by Lev Rudnev at a direct request of Joseph Stalin. The building, as composed of 42 floors (with the total number of nearly 2,700 windows) and the vast Parade Square where the military ceremonies of the Warsaw Pact were organised, was to served as a conference centre for a number of official events, as well as a venue housing cultural affairs and a facility to develop a variety of abilities in talented children. Such rooms as named after Rudnev, Gagarin, Pushkin or Mickiewicz are especially worth seeing due to their exquisite design and finishing with granite and sandstone of high-quality. The Congress Hall you will also sightsee is the real pride of the building. This recently renovated venue is a beautifully laid out 2,880-seat hall with perfect acoustic conditions provided. It would be where such notable artists as Marlene Dietrich, the Rolling Stones, Lou Reed or Patti Smith once performed, except for the fact that the original purpose of the hall was to provide a space for the congresses of the Polish Communist Party. Due to this function, there was a popular gossip about anti-nuclear bunkers and hidden rooms having been incorporated in the structure of the building. The arguably (and literally) top attraction of the Palace of Culture and Science may be expected at the 30th floor of the building where a large observation terrace was open to the public. This highly popular facility will let you admire the panoramic view of rebuilt Warsaw from the highest altitude available in the city! With a perfect angle taken to see the Old Town or the new high-risers of the Polish capital, you will be also free to take a bunch of memorable pictures to enrich your personal collection with. After 30-minute panorama sightseeing made from the terrace, you will return to the ground level by one of the 33 elevators the palace has been equipped with. So far, no visitor to the Palace of Culture and Science has ever regretted a visit to this multifunctional place! Housing museums (such as the Museum of Technology), cinemas, sports facilities, offices, clubs, theatres, galleries and restaurants, the Palace of Culture and Science is a structure that cannot be missed while in Warsaw, no matter what your interests are!

Ready for sightseeing the highest building of Poland? Contact us to catch the marvelous sight of Warsaw from the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science!

Tour Details

  • It is possible for you to sightsee the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw regardless of your place of stay in Poland – simply, inform us of where you are, what the intended date of your arrival is and we will do the rest!
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), admission fees to pre-arranged attractions, the assistance of a guide for individual tourists / small groups of visitors.

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