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It was built between the 16th and the 17th century by Stanisław Krasicki and his son Marcin. After their death the castle belonged to the Modrzewski, Wojakowski, Tarło, Mniszech-Potocki and Piniński families and – last but not least – the Sapieha family, who considerably contributed to the beauty of the park surrounding the castle.

The eastern gate leads to the courtyard where concerts are held during the summer. A special touristic attraction is a recently renovated 17th century chapel. It ranks among such pearls of Polish culture as the King Sigismund's Chapel at Wawel Castle in Cracow.

The castle has two residential wings and two curtain walls crowned with an openwork attic. The four corner towers are called: Divine, Papal, Royal and Noble. Those names reflect the hierarchy of the world recognised by the castle's founders. The castle is covered with sgraffiti decorations depicting Polish kings, medallions with caesars' busts, as well as biblical and hunting scenes.

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