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Forget of any taxis while in Lodz! Don't you fancy a rickshaw eco-ride along representative Piotrkowska street instead? Even though Lodz used to be the epitome of an industrial city, this green means of transport is one of the most iconic and impartial elements of the landscape of its urban core. Jump on the seat and let yourself be shown the stunning Art Nouveau frontages of Piotrowska street, its Walk of Fame, the Gallery of Great Citizens of Lodz and numerous monuments from the convenient level of 1,2 metres over the ground.

Tour Overview

Lodz rickshaws will invite you to use the modern and well-designed fleet of their models. In fact, they have been manufactured precisely in this beautiful Polish city. A typical ride will let you cover nearly the entire length of Piotrkowska within a 20-minute rickshaw ride, with plenty of Lodz landmarks stretching on both sides of the street. You will sightsee the tenement houses, merchant palaces and red-brick industrial facilities of the city, as well as familiarise yourself with the well-composed pieces of small architecture placed here and there. In case you fall in love with rickshaws, you only need to ask your rickshaw man to keep on cycling!
Lodz has it all to continue blooming as one of the most desired tourist destinations in Poland. A fascinating history of the rise and fall of wealthy local businessmen in the 19th century. A couple of stories on the strikes of its exploited workers. The stunning and coherent Art-Nouveau architecture that makes Lodz look like a real European metropolis at places. The world-famous film school, whose alumni attract Oscars like magnets. The proximity to Warsaw. And – last but not least – its rickshaws. The means you would rather expect from an Asian conurbation to see within. You only need to appear at the beginning of Piotrkowska street to spot a couple of them. The route you will take to explore the marvellous urban fabric of Lodz  depends on your time and preferences.
Rickshaws are to Lodz what yellow cabs are to the New Yok City. During your rickshaw tour of Piotrkowska, you will have a chance to take a ride by a city-scale unified rickshaw model. With their capacity of two passengers, these ubiquitous vehicles have been operating in Lodz since 1998. With the length of Piotrkowska taken into account (4,2 kilometres), its pedestrianised nature and a certain inclination of the street included, rickshaws soon became represented pretty much all around the city centre. Cheap, convenient and easy to have their routes customised (even in comparison to the famous Lodz trambus), rickshaws not only won the hearts of tourists, but also became a standard means of transport for common Lodz dwellers.
The most typical route will let you sightsee the Lodz Walk of Fame – a side-street-section paved with stars bearing the names of famous film-related individuals, often associated with Lodz, such as Pola Negri, Krzysztof Kieslowski or Roman Polanski. There will also be the Gallery of Great Citizens of Lodz (among them – some Nobel Prize winners or notable musicians) available for sightseeing, taking on the form of such camera-friendly monuments as Tuwim's bench, Rubinstein's Piano or Reymont's chest. Your kids will love the monument of Mis Uszatek (Floppy Bear) standing by the street, while your aesthetic sense will be fed with the renovated frontages of merchant houses passed by, the beautiful structure of Central Museum of Textiles located inside the White Factory, the Ulm Minster-resembling Archcathedral of Lodz or the vast Grand Hotel, whose exterior is the essence to what defines the aura of Lodz urban fabric.
Ready to have a fun rickshaw ride to see the best of what Lodz has to offer? Contact us to have the tour arranged especially for you!

Tour Details

  • It is possible for you to take a rickshaw tour of Lodz regardless of your place of stay in Poland. Simply - inform us of where you are and what the date of your intended visit is. We will do the rest!
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), admission fees to pre-selected attractions, a rickshaw ride, a guide for individual tourists / small groups of visitors.

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