Skitouring in Polish Tatra

Fancy some challenges this winter? Fall in love with ski touring in the Polish Tatra Mountains! This unparalleled wintertime activity is as perfect for semi-skilled skiers as for real pros, providing optimal balance between active effort and getting a reward for it: the breathtaking scenery of Alpine-like Tatras, unspoilt by the presence of human beings within your field of vision once you undertake the challenge! There is only you and endless snow-clad terrain waiting for you to subdue it.

Tour Overview

Tired of crowded slopes and queues in front of ski lifts? Ski touring around the Polish Tatras will both expose you to the view of its snow-overlapped scenic summits of and use your skiing skills to the full. Provided with safe equipment, especially designed for "ski hiking", you will take a 5- to 7-hour tour around the most breathtaking ridges and valleys surrounding Zakopane, carefully assisted by an expert instructor. Provided with avalanche sets, packed lunches and the possibility to have your adventure recorded, expect the trails perfectly tailored to your skiing experience, the flexibility of itineraries available and total freedom felt in the heart of Tatra Mountains!

The Tatra Mountains compose the highest mountain range between the Alps and Caucasus. The 175 square kilometers occupied by the Tatra summits on the Polish side of the border make for a real skiing paradise with the range of activities provided. With Zakopane serving as the winter hot-spot of Poland (located 100 kilometres south from Krakow), they attract over 3,5 million tourists each year. Ski touring – highly popular among the visitors to Tatras in the 1920's and 30's – has recently bounced back to its deserved position. The designated ski-hiking trails of the Tatrzanski National Park enable you to take part in 5- to 7-hour lasting customised ski touring along the most stunning parts of the local ranges. With January and March marking the best period for this adventurous activity – also in terms of  snow-related conditions – you will hit the ski-hiking trails of Tatras equipped with professional equipment. Ski-touring skis are designed in a way preventing you from sliding backwards during your ascent activity despite having the heels of your boots freed. At the same time, after having the back of the bindings locked, you will feel perfectly secure and stable while going downhill. The whole ski-touring equipment is known for extreme lightness, due to which you will not feel overly tired with carrying its weight alone. Thanks to this, ski-touring is a highly engaging combo of ski-trekking and downhill skiing, easily adaptable to different terrain conditions.

Ski touring requires a certain level of skiing experience. Traversing the pristine areas of the Tatras, so often related to the exploration of areas devoid of any infrastructure other than wooden huts, is yet still open for customization. The beginners may develop their passion for ski touring around the alpine meadow named Hala Gasienicowa. Starting at Kuznice – a place leading to other remarkable attractions of the Tatras – they may enjoy the soft inclination of the route surrounded by forests, the ridges of High Tatras and mountain lakes. Ski-hiking to the top of iconic Kasprowy Wierch and skiing back to Kuznice is another popular option to choose. Some more experienced skiers often take the route starting at Chocholowska Valley or approach Czerwone Wierchy summits for a greater challenge to be faced. The ones who feel the most confident with their skis on may try the demanding passes near extremely picturesque lake Morskie Oko or the Dolina Pieciu Stawow Valley. Regardless of the level of skills represented or trails selected, ski-touring is the only winter activity which makes you realize how largely intact and barely explored the Polish Tatras still are.

Interested in ski touring around the Polish Tatras? Contact us to feel like a pioneer on the untouched snow covering its mountain trails!

Tour Details

  • It is possible for you to take ski-touring activity in the Polish Tatras regardless of your place of stay in Poland – simply, inform us of where you are, what the intended date of your arrival is and we will do the rest!
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), the assistance of a guide, the rental of ski-touring equipment (skins, poles, skis, boots) and avalanche sets (detectors, probes, shovels), packed lunches.
  • Ski touring in the Tatras requires following the designated trails set within the borders of Tatra National Park.
  • The availability of ski touring expeditions depends on the weather conditions. Pre-arranged tours may be subject to changes due to extreme weather phenomena or the presence of avalanche reports.

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