Stained - glass art in Krakow

In the Sta­ined Glass Museum, exhi­bi­tion spa­ces inter­twine with the old sta­ined glass work­shop, func­tio­ning since 1902. The visi­tors can obse­rve the pro­cess of sta­ined glass cre­ation, a tech­ni­que which rema­ins unchan­ged since Mid­dle Ages. The buil­ding where the Museum is loca­ted was desi­gned espe­cially for the needs of this oldest Polish sta­ined glass work­shop. Its struc­ture too has rema­ined unchan­ged since 1902: every cham­ber has its own func­tion in the sta­ined glass pro­duc­tion pro­cess. This “living” Museum’s visi­ting trail runs thro­ugh the house inte­riors that pre­se­rved its ori­gi­nal cha­rac­ter with the uni­que fur­ni­shing and work­shop equipment. Our guests can also admire sta­ined glass during their reali­sa­tion pro­cess, pre­sen­ted on the glass easels of the work­shop. The most inte­re­sting among them are usu­ally exhi­bi­ted in our café room to ple­ase our visi­tors’ eyes, while waiting or resting after the trip.

Tour Overview

The work­shop still ope­ra­tes and exe­cu­tes sta­ined glass com­mis­sions – both for sacral and secu­lar spa­ces. Hence, visi­tors are able to obse­rve sta­ined glass masters at work. For the last cen­tury, and still today, the work­shop has been play­ing a signi­fi­cant cul­tu­ral role, rece­iving distinc­tions at dome­stic and inter­na­tio­nal exhi­bi­tions for the highest level of exe­cu­ted works. The most emi­nent Polish arti­sts of the 20th cen­tury exe­cu­ted their pro­jects here. This has been the bir­th­place of some out­stan­ding exam­ples of Polish sta­ined glass art.

The exhi­bi­tion spa­ces of the Museum pre­sent con­tem­po­rary and histo­ri­cal sta­ined glass, as well as sta­ined glass pro­jects, inc­lu­ding those made by the most renow­ned arti­sts of the Polish Art Nouveau period: Sta­ni­sław Wyspiań­ski, Józef Mehof­fer, Woj­ciech Jastrzę­bow­ski, Karol Frycz or Ste­fan Matejko (nephew of Jan Matejko), the long-term arti­stic direc­tor of the work­shop in early 20th cen­tury. Each object here has its own history — as colo­ur­ful as the glass pie­ces which they are made of. A noti­ce­able exam­ple: one of our most pre­cious pie­ces, the sta­ined glass win­dow “Saint The­resa with Angels”, desi­gned by Józef Mehof­fer, was exe­cu­ted in the sum­mer of 1939 and star­ted its jour­ney to the instal­la­tion space on Sep­tem­ber the 3rd. The trans­port howe­ver had to return back to the work­shop due to the sud­den out­burst of the IIWorld War, the sta­ined glass was sto­red in the work­shop cel­lars, where it was found 60 years later. Visi­tors will be able to hear this and many other sto­ries, told by our loqu­acious guides.

Workshops with masters

We have pre­pa­red a 3-hours exc­lu­sive sta­ined glass work­shops, desi­gned espe­cially for sta­ined glass lovers, hob­by­ists, busi­nesses (inte­gra­tion events) and many others. Work­shops are run by our sta­ined glass maters in Polish or English and can be trans­la­ted into other lan­gu­ages upon requ­est.  Par­ti­ci­pants will rece­ive all neces­sary mate­rials and each of them, guided by our masters,  will realise his/her own small sta­ined glass object to take home as a uni­que souve­nir of a spe­cial experience.

The tour inc­lu­des:

– guided tour of the museum and work­shop
– cof­fee break
– exe­cu­tion of sta­ined glass under the masters’  guidance
– the owner­ship of the made sta­ined glass

Tour Details

Some Photos

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