Stutthof Guided Tour

Stutthof concentration camp was the first slave labour and extermination facility of this kind established after the outbreak of WWII on Polish occupied soil. The German Nazi authorities chose the isolated area near the Pomeranian village of Sztutowo as the setting of horrific genocidal plan as early as on  September 2, 1939. The terrifying number of 110-127,000 inmates is said to have been kept in the appalling conditions throughout the 1007 days of the operation of the camp, 85,000 of whom have not survived, partly with regard to Holocaust. This now desolate place bears testimony to the cruelty of the Nazis that will never stop leaving its modern visitors under the shock mixed with utter sadness.

Tour Overview

During your tour to Stutthof concentration camp, you will be carefully introduced into the background of its operation by a professional guide. The actual sightseeing will be preceded by the screening of two documentary films, exposing you to the sad fact that only 85 out of 2,000 camp's crew members were subject to any post-war trials. After this, you will take a 2-hour walking tour around the barbed-wired area, its long-abandoned barracks, gas chambers and crematories. The stark contrast between these facilities and the comfortable buildings meant for the crew of the camp will be just one of things that you will find hard to forget.

Remote. Damp. Exposed to strong marine winds. This words describe the conditions that typically affect the village of Sztutowo, located 36 kilometres east of Gdansk. Hidden behind dense woodland, it provided the Nazis with a perfect setting for their bloodcurdling plan of making their political and racial enemies slowly die of malnutrition, slave work, cold, disease outbreaks and tortures there, just to name a few factors used for this "indirect extermination" back in 1939. The inmates of Stutthof, the citizens of 28 countries – children, women and men – were soon to be subject to more human factor-involving methods, including mass executions, hanging, the death of lethal heart injections or by means of Cyclone B inhaled inside the freshly built gas chambers. The prisoners were deprived of using any names and given numbers instead, being assigned to proper categories and slave-work tasks if judged as strong enough. Forced to live in overcrowded barracks, work barefoot despite freezing cold, take part in long outdoor disciplinary sessions, suffering from the shortage of water, most inmates of Stutthof were not able to endure the camp conditions. Stutthoff was the last concentration camp to be liberated, with the Soviet troops reaching the place on May 9, 1945. Less than 100 people were found alive hiding in the abandoned camp then, while a half of 50,000 prisoners evacuated by the Nazis died during the Death March.

The tour to Stutthof will expose you to a couple of sights related to the dreadful daily routine of an inmate. Passing through the Death Gate, watching the exhibitions of the personal belongings confiscated from future prisoners, piles of shoes and glasses, scanty pieces of striped clothing, pictures taken for the purposes of Nazi records, as well as the actual administrative and extermination facilities of the camp, makes everyone become well educated of the brutality accompanying the genocide machine implemented in Stutthoff concentration camp. Additional literary and digital resources concerning its history may be bought at a small shop adjoined to the camp, with lots of them showing it from the individual perspective of particular survivors.

Interested in visiting the ghastly site of Stuthof Nazi concentration camp? Ready to discover the ray of hope for better future after you realise the mistakes of the past will not be repeated? Contact us for detailed assistance in arranging your trip to the camp.

Tour Details

  • It is possible for you to visit former Stutthoff Nazi Concentration Camp regardless of your place of stay in Poland. Simply - inform us of where you are and what the date of your intended visit is. We will do the rest!
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), admission fees to pre-selected attractions, a guide for individual tourists / small groups of visitors.

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