Święta Lipka - Heiligelinde

Visit one of the most impressive sanctuaries of Baroque architecture - the Basilica devoted to St. Mary, conveniently located en route to the Wolf's Lair, the headquarters of Adolf Hitler. Admire the rich adornments of the sanctuary's interior and take a stroll over the charming village of Swieta Lipka near the Gothic town of Ketrzyn.

Tour Overview

The name of Swieta Lipka village means "Holy Linden Tree" - the miracle apparently observed on the site in the medieval times is now an architectural one. Be sure not to miss the pilgrimage church of Swieta Lipka  while you stay in Poland to marvel at the lavishness of its decor.

The northernmost district of Warmia and Masuria is rich in lakes, swamps and woodlands where the pagan cult of Old Prussians would be resistant to Christianisation until late medieval times. By contrast, the Christian pilgrimage sanctuary of St. Mary in Swieta Lipka was presumably erected in the 15th century when the territory had already been a Protestant-inhabited part of East Prussia, which speaks volumes about the turbulent history of the region. Located between the charming castle towns of Reszel and Ketrzyn, renowned for their coherent Gothic architecture, the village of Swieta Lipka is now a place where many tourists decide to go, devoting about 12 hours to sightsee the shrine and the nearby Wolfsschanze (the Wolf's Lair") at one time.

Its Swieta Lipka Basilica consists of a richly fresco-ornamented church, monastery and cloisters, with their interiors covered in gold and silver, being full of stone and wooden sculptures. The enormous 18-century organ placed behind the main altar hypnotises with its angelic figurines and bells moving while the melody is played. The impressive decor of the nave only brings the question of the amount of effort taken to create such a wonder of architecture the Basilica is - also with regard to the fact that the sanctuary was partly built on a boggy terrain. The choice of location was related to the revelation of St. Mary to a released 14-century convict whose wooden statuette of Virgin Mary placed there, carved from wood as a deed of gratitude for his regained freedom, would contribute to a number of miracles observed in the area.

If you are willing to see the impressive interior of Swieta Lipka by yourself, contact us to find out what additional attractions await you in its immediate vicinity.

Tour Details

  •  It is possible to have a trip to Swieta Lipka organised regardless of your stay in Poland. Inform us of the place of your pick-up, the date of a planned visit and leave the rest to us.
  • Swita Lipka is a site of religious worship. Please, dress appropriately while visiting.

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