The Chassidic Route - Jewish Heritage in Southern Poland

An explotration of Jewish Heritage in Southern Poland. Winding through the picturesque landscapes of the Roztocze Hills and Bieszczady Mountains, the Chassidic route connects numerous towns and cities througout southeast Poland that were once centres of Chassidism, a branch of Jewish orthodoxy that emerged during the eighteen century.

Tour Overview

From humble cemeteries to imposing synagogues, these towns contain invaluable remindero of a cenutries-old Jwish presence that has survived invasion, plagues, wars and countless threats. Start your exploration at the Zamosc Renaissance Synagogue and trace Jewish history, population shifts and cultural heritage of these communities.

Tour Details

The Route begins with Zamość Synagogue, a significant Renaissance synagogue that has been transformed into a multi-purpose cultural center and serves as the Route’s visitor center.

Biłgoraj Cemetery
Cieszanów Synagogue
Wielkie Oczy Synagogue
Jarosław Great Synagogue
Leżajsk Cemetery

Łańcut Baroque Synagogue
Dynów Cemetery
Przemyśl New Synagogue
Ustrzyki Dolne Synagogue
Baligród Cemetery
Lesko Synagogue
Sanok Sadogóra Synagogue
Rymanów Baroque Synagogue
Ropczyce Cemetery
Dębica Synagogue
Radomyśl Wielki Mikvah
Tarnobrzeg Cemetery
Kraśnik Great Synagogue
Chachmei Lublin Yeshiva
Łęczna Great Synagogue
Włodawa Synagogue Complex
Chełm New Synagogue


Some Photos

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