The Gniew Castle

The Gniew Castle, a huge gothic fortress of knight-monks, a seat of kings, hetmans and starostas, famous for knight tournaments, fierce battles and amuzing spectacles, invites you to its Chambers.  In hospitable walls of the Gniew Castle you can give a wonderful banquet, organize a conference, a training or a highly attractive integration party. All of this is enriched in historical spectacles during which knights cross swords, hussars fight with Sweeden musketeers and not blood but wine and honey are flowing.


Tour Overview

The spectacle “Holidays with Ghosts” will make your heart tremour. It was the first show of this type in Poland which used an uncommon multimedia technique, pyrotechnic effects and high quality sound.

Couples planning to live together can organize an unforgettable wedding reception preceeded by the wedding ceremony in the Castle Chapel where Gregorian songs can be heard.

Especially for enthusiasts of active leisure time, the Gniew Castle offers horse-riding lessons, recreation gondola cruises on the Vistula River, carriage rides and renting bicycles. One may also have a trip to the Forest Museum located several kilometres away. Apart from observing wild animals, interesting forester’s stories can be heard there. Walking tours among charming corners of the Kociewie region will bring you unforgettable impressions. 

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