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The Old Town of Torun has the spirit of mystery enchanted in the red bricks of its Gothic architecture. Feel it in the core of one of the most spectacular cities of Poland, where 550 historical monuments make up an impressive enclave of a fortified complex, proudly marking its presence on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites since 1997. Established in 1233 by the Teutonic Order, providing Nicolaus Copernicus with its bright sky of Kuyavia-Pomerania, Torun invites you to fall in love with the three districts of its Old Town complex.

Tour Overview

If the smell of world-famous Torun gingerbread is not enough for you to think you should come where it originates from, imagine taking a stroll along a fairy-tale medieval city where more fascinating stories took their turn. Think of exploring the Old Town of Torun, with its soaring Town Hall, immense Gothic Basilica or noble patrician houses. Taking a chance to peep into the dwelling of Copernicus himself or please yourself with the elegant decor of Artus Court. If you think view of the Leaning Tower of Torun will not give you any vertigo, move to the New Town of Torun or the Torun Castle for the remaining memorable sights of this gem of a city.
Torun - a charming city in the central part of Northern Poland - has its roots in the settlements of Palaeolithic Age, while its official establishment took place in the Middle Ages. It is possible to reach Torun in less than 2 hours of a ride from Gdansk and 2,5 hours with regard to Warsaw. The tour of its historical centre covers the areas of the medieval Old Town, its eastern side-district of New Town and the remnants of Torun Teutonic Castle, all of these sitting at the bank of Vistula behind solid defensive walls. The overall sightseeing tour of the Old Town of Torun will consume about 3,5 hours of your time.
The 13th-century layout of the Old Town of Torun has its heart beating at the Old Market Square. Its Old Town Hall, with its impressive symmetry, vast courtyard and high-vaulted interiors, has been adapted to serve as a museum, where the masterpieces of stained glass are put on display, among others. The Artus Court (restructured in 1891), where prestigious merchant brotherhoods would once operate, the Jesuit Church of Holy Spirit or the uniquely-designed 14th-century Franciscan Church are all the landmarks of the area. You will pass by the Bronze monument to the most famous son of Torun - Nicolaus Copernicus - holding an astrolabe, placed just to the side of the Town Hall in 1853. There will also be the residential house of this revolutionary astronomer available for sightseeing, the overwhelming Torun Cathedral with third-largest bell of Poland (Tuba Dei) inviting you to enter, aroma-filled museums devoted to Torun gingerbread and the massive fortifications of Torun to wander along, defining its riverfront silhouette. Among the medieval gates and towers of Torun, there will be the Polish counterpart of the Leaning Tower of Pisa waiting for you to take a picture of. The Leaning Tower of Torun is attributed a name-forming legend of the city. According to it, the Vistula was said to shout "To ruń!" ("Fall down then!") to the tower after the building had asked the river not to flow so close to its foundations.
The New Town of Torun has its name a bit misleading from our current perspective. Due to the dynamic development of Torun as a commercial hub of Kuyavia-Pomerania, there was an expansion of it planned in 1264. This medieval district provides a mix of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque residential architecture, with its New Town Square, New Town Hall of 1303, capacious granaries and the 14-15th-century Church of St. Jacob exemplifying it. Just behind Gdanisko (the former sewage tower), you will come across the picturesque ruins of Torun Teutonic Castle. This 13th-14th-century stronghold was subject to a rebellion of Torun residents, with the event marking the beginning of the Thirteen Years War (1454-66). The remnants of the castle still give a testimony to the excellence of medieval constructors, with Malbork Castle showing what the Torun Castle would look like had it not been for the destruction of its heavy structure due to the said conflict.
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Tour Details

  • It is possible for you to visit Torun regardless of your place of stay in Poland. Simply - inform us of where you are and what the date of your intended visit is. We will do the rest!
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