Westerplatte - Memorial of Polish Defenders (the first Battle of WW2)

Take a boat trip from the old town of Gdansk to the pre-war Polish military outpost of Westerplatte – a place where WWII is said to have been triggered with a military clash between the Polish and German units on September 1, 1939. Visit the bunkers, guard outposts and the impressive Memorial of Polish Defenders overlooking the peninsula.

Tour Overview

Boarding a galleon moored at the bank of Motlawa river will take you from the vibrant centre of Gdansk to a quiet spot hidden inside a forest. The attack on the Polish Military Transit Depot located there became a casus belli for WWII back in 1939. The heroic struggle of Polish soldiers has been commemorated with a remarkable monument placed by the sea shore.

Westerplatte is a peninsula situated at the meeting point of the Baltic Sea and the Dead Vistula river, within the borders of the city of Gdansk (northern part of Poland). It is accessible by boat cruises and a typical journey commences in Dlugi Targ street – the main tourist spot of Gdansk. A standard trip around Westerplatte consumes 2-3 hours and begins with the most imposing landmark of the area – the Memorial of Polish Defenders which was unveiled in 1966, built of granite blocks and reaching the height of 25 meters. The monument was erected to commemorate the heroism of the Polish defenders of the coast during the Battle of Westerplatte. 13 years before the outbreak of WWII, the area had been assigned to the Polish Republic to serve as its military outpost in the vicinity of the Free City of Gdansk. Attacked by SMS Schleswig Holstein battleship on September 1, 1939, the military base was defended by 180 Polish soldiers for the 7 days to come against the continuous artillery attack supported by 3500 soldiers forming German troops.

Today visitors may take a stroll across the forest covering this historically important place, coming across the cemetery of fallen soldiers, a museum operating in one of the guardhouses, numerous bunkers and barracks bearing the marks of heavy artillery attacks, as well as an open-air display devoted to the genesis of WWII. The peace and tranquillity of Westerplatte, as well as the gentle breeze coming from the open sea, make it easy to imagine how isolated the soldiers stationed there must have felt back in 1939.

If you are interested in visiting Westerplatte – a place that played an important part in the history of the world – contact us with no hesitation. We will make sure the trip is tailored to your specific needs.

Tour Details

• Please, make sure you have appropriate clothes with you in case of the changes of weather conditions. The area of Westerplatte has virtually no shops open in the direct proximity, bringing snacks with you is also advisable.

• The price typically includes a cruise to Westerplatte and the company of a guide.

• It is difficult to access the area via inland transportation – at night, it may not be accessible at all.

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