White Water in Cracow

The top European white water facilities of Krakow not only guarantee it to give you the rush of adrenaline, but also form a complex beautifully stretching near one of Krakow most picturesque landmarks – the medieval Tyniec Abbey.  Established at the bank of the longest Polish river (the Vistula), the impressive 320-metre canoeing course enables everyone to take part in the rarely-available adventure of white water rafting outside of mountainous areas. The side-facilities of jacuzzi, sauna or swimming pools make Cracow Canoe Club in Kolna street an obligatory spot for the maniacs of aquatic activities.

Tour Overview

Visit the Krakow district of Podgorze for the cutting-edge recreational complex of Cracow Canoe Club where most successful Polish Olympians intensely train for all-year-round. Rent the equipment there to feel the importance of team spirit in taming the wild course of artificial river, with the waves hitting your pontoon at the water flow of 15m3/s. Experience the mixture of adventure and safety, provided by the vicinity of the river bank. Let your muscles regenerate at the jacuzzi or spa & wellness facilities of the leisure center before you continue exploring the blood chilling attractions of Krakow.

Cracow Canoe Club at Kolna 2 street is an extensive recreational complex located 10 kilometres southwards from Wawel castle (along the course of the Vistula) and about 4 kilometres northwards from the scenic abbey of Tyniec. This set of facilities meets the demanding criteria of ICF thanks to which it was made one of its continental training centres after its opening in 2003. Noticed and awarded both for its excellent planning and the implementation of it, the leisure complex now incorporates such diversified components as a conference centre, sports hall, an indoor swimming pool, fitness, spa and wellness facilities, as well as the most thrilling parts of it: the canoeing and white water rafting course. The booking of white water rafting sessions is proceeded with individually, with the possibility to have your larger and customised integration event arranged there.

It is a fact that the design of white water rafting course in Krakow is a top-notch one. The 12-14-metre-wide and 1.45-metre-deep artificial canoeing course may be easily modified to serve the purposes of rafting with the damming-up facilities and floating figures it incorporates. Due to this, a number of different routes may be prepared for particular groups of participants. Additionally, thanks to the roofing, artificial lighting and heating systems applied with regard to the course between autumn and spring, it is perfectly suitable for use throughout the calendar year, daily between 06:30-23:00 (Mon.-Fri.) and 07:30-23:00 (Sat.-Sun.). This is the most modern solution implemented in any watersport facility of this kind on a global scale! Throughout summers, there is a seasonal dining place open just around at the Vistula bank – the same bank that has been included into an international cycling path connecting Budapest and Krakow.

White water rafting in Krakow is something you may decide to undertake in a semi-spontaneous way. Cracow Canoe Club will provide you with all the equipment necessary to jump straight into a perfectly secure pontoon, including lifejackets, paddles, helmets, the assistance of instructors and rescuers. In order to focus on the effort taken along with your crew members to cover the demanding distance among the rough waves, you will only have to supply yourself with shoelaced boots, waterproof outfit and a spare set of clothes.

Ready to undertake the adventurous white water rafting in Krakow? Contact us to have the event arranged for you in the best-tailored way there exists!

Tour Details

  • It is possible for you to undertake white water rafting in Krakow regardless of your place of stay in Poland. Simply - inform us of where you are, what the date of your intended visit is and we will do the rest!
  • The price includes: transport (pre-arranged hotel pick-up and drop-off), the rafting course booking fee, the assistance of an English-speaking guide.
  • It is necessary for you to declare that the condition of your health allows you for undertaking white water rafting before you enter the pontoon.

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