Farm Holiday

There are over 2 million farms in Poland, and about 10 000 of them receive guests. Those people welcoming guests to their farms are passionate people who have abandoned the city life to live closer to nature. They are eager to tell you about the local attractions and very often will organise thematic excursions and rent out the necessary equipment. It might be rafting on the Biebrza River, and bird watching, or following the traces of the Łemko culture in Beskid Niski, or biking or cross-country skiing in the Suwałki region.

The hosts usually offer meals, often prepared using ecological products. Bread baked in burdock leaves, milk straight from the cow, home made cheese, honey still with the scent of the forest, fried saffron milk caps, trout from the river. And for desert: a glass of liquor. 

Agro-tourist farms offer additional attractions: mini zoos (very often with exotic animals), playgrounds for the children and the opportunity to help around the farm (feeding hens, milking the cows). And for an extra fee (usually small) you can participate in thematic workshops: bee keeping, pottery, painting, sculpting. uses cookies. By using our services, you're agreeing to our Cookie Policy. Read more..