Łódź - city of many cultures

Lodz, the former textile industry empire, today is a city of modern technologies, creative enterprises and grand events. It is a metropolis where a landscape of industrial architecture mixes with silhouettes of office buildings, production halls, culture and sports buildings. Lodz has a long history as an industrial centre, and has often been compared to Manchester in England.

Lodz was remembered as a city of tolerance, a city of various cultures, different nations, which lived next to each other. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, various religions and nationalities in Lodz were almost condemned to coexist. So no wonder that Festiwal Łódź Czterech Kultur (Lodz of Four Cultures Festival) was inscribed without problems into the contemporary cultural calendar.

The cultures – Jewish, German, Russian and Polish were always present here, even when the nationalities which formed them, were absent. Lodz has worked many years for the name of a melting pot of cultures, starting from the first workshops launched in the 20’s of the 19th century.

Nowadays Lodz is a thriving industrial, economic, cultural and academic centre.

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